Spotless Dishes

The cleanliness of dishes is an essential part of customer experience. It affects the way customers percieve the general level of hygiene. Kiilto helps you to achieve spotless end result with effective products, right dosing, clean dishwasher and a good level of personal hygiene.

The cleanliness of dishes is an essential part of customer experience and it affects the way customers percieve the general level of hygiene. Kiilto helps you to achieve spotless end results with effective products, right dosing, clean dishwasher and a good level of personal hygiene. ​

Kiilto provides you a comprehensive product and service range for:​

  • Machine dishwashing
  • Dishwasher cleaning
  • Manual dishwashing
  • Soaking and prewashing
  • Surface hygiene testing
  • Appliance de-scaling

Best tip for environmentally friendly manual dishwashing

The main impact on environment from manual dishwashing comes from the method of washing. For example, washing and rinsing with running water consumes a significant amount of water as well as energy for heating the water. Hot water has the greatest environmental impact, even if water is otherwise used economically. Choosing a product also matters, of course, and it is always important to choose a product that is safe for the environment and for users.

Technical service and dosing systems

Kiilto has ideal dosing systems for different locations and for different needs.​ In professional kitchen the smooth operation of machine dishwashing process is essential.​ Kiilto’s technical service ensures you can focus on your core business. Technical visits can include installation and  maintenance of dosing equipment, measuring detergent dosages, controlling washing process and alarm visits. Kiilto provides technical service according to the agreement with each customer​ and reports are provided to the customers on the visits. 

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