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We train users and distributors of Kiilto products on the product’s features, correct application technique and taking account of environmental and safety issues.  We organize a range of training activities for various target groups.

Training availability and details depend on market area. You can check your local website for more information or contact your local Kiilto sales representatives for more details.

Contractors and installers

We arrange training for contractors and installers. Depending on the topic, our training focuses on the technical features of our products and the right working methods.

Design, supervision and hosting

Supplementary training on the design and supervision of wet rooms provides participants with training in those subjects. The training is suitable for people in charge of the design, realisation and supervision of wet rooms, and moisture control during construction projects.


Training for salespeople includes workshops on various themes, for example waterproofing and tiling, dry area renovation and floor and wall levelling. Our Waterproofing and tiling workshop focuses on wet room products, the Dry room workshop on the renovation of dry interiors, and our Levelling training on floor and wall levelling and tiling adhesives.