Kiilto’s sealing solutions are effective in preventing air leaks, heat loss and the release of radon into indoor air.

Controlling airtightness – better indoor air

Uncontrolled air leaks in structures can reduce indoor air quality, since they allow air to enter the building from the wrong places, impurely. Sealing can also improve energy efficiency by preventing heat leaks as well as air leaks. Kiilto offers a researched compatible system from leveling to finishing.

Examples of sealing applications and solutions:

NOTE: Solutions for sealing applications must always be designed for the particular site in question.

Joint between floor and wall

Significant air leaks were found in a detached house built in the 1990s, coming from cracks where the floor meets the walls. This affected both the indoor air quality and the energy-efficiency of the building. Solved using Kiilto Pro Airblock Fiber sealant, which can be brushed on.

Leaking ceilings

The concrete on the ceiling of a public building was porous and had holes in it after HVAC changes. There were also air leaks where the ceiling meets the wall. As a solution, large holes were prefilled with cement-based screeds and the ceiling was sprayed with Kiilto Pro Airblock Coat.

Structural joints in windows

Air leaks found in the windows of a school building were eliminated using Kiilto A 215 special adhesive sealant. The sealing of hundreds of windows was notable not only for the airtight final result, but also for the cost-effectiveness of the chosen solution.


Products for the sealing of structures. Designed for professional use. The Kiilto Pro Airblock system is suitable for controlling air leaks and radon at joints between floor and wall, as well as at the structural joints of windows and doors. Kiilto A 215 is a special adhesive sealant for sealing air leaks.

The benefits of co-operation with Kiilto

For designers

We provide designers with comprehensive support, documentation and our extensive knowledge of the chemicals used in the industry. We help manage risks because as a developer of building materials, we truly know our products. Thus a researched compatible system can be determined for the site.

For contractors

When products are developed with the needs of the users in mind, the product makes the professional’s job much easier. One of the ways in which we help contractors in their work is by providing training on the technical features of our products and correct working methods.

For persons in charge of premises

The results of indoor air studies in numerous locations show that Kiilto’s solutions have enabled excellent results. When indoor air exchange is pure and controlled, the building is functional for its users.

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