Hygienic wet rooms

When cleaning wet rooms it is important to work aseptically and use products that are specifically developed for wetrooms.

Four steps towards hygienic wet rooms

Wet rooms are cleaned daily to keep them hygienic and to ensure a comfortable visit. In cleaning of the wetrooms it is important to work aseptically, start from the cleanest surfaces and move the way up to the dirtiest ones. Use products that are specifically developed for wetrooms and that effectively remove also greasy dirt and prevent limescale deposits from adhering to surfaces.

Step 1: Refill paper products and soap

Check the paper products and if the soap dispenser bottle needs to be replaced with a new one.

Step 2: Empty the trash

Remember to put on gloves before starting. Check all of the trash containers and wipe them clean inside and out. Dont’ forget to add in a new, empty bag.

Step 3: Clean aseptically

Always work starting from a cleaner surface into dirtier one, also move from top to down. Start with the light switches and move on to the furniture.

Apply adequate amount of the detergent into the handbasin and toilet seat spread them with a brush.

Wipe all of the surfaces clean by using a microfibre cloth. Turn the cloth over and use a clean side when moving to the next surface. When all the surfases of the cloth are used, replace the cloth with a clean one.

Wash the handbasin and tap with a brush and then rinse thoroughly and dry them. Do the same for the toilet seat and urinal – remember to use the toilet brush for these.

Step 4: Clean and wash the floor

Finish the cleaning by brushing or mopping the floor clean from all the the dirt and then wash it clean with a mop.

Ergonomics and safety

Keep good ergonomics in mind at every stage of the work. Do not use too mauch water when cleaning the floor so that it won’t be left slippery. If the floor still feels slippery after the wash, remember to warn the users about it.

Don’t forget the mirrors

A final touch for a clean and hygienic wetroom is to polish the mirrors. A ready-to-use, environmentally friendly Kiilto Window makes cleaning of the mirrors easy and ensures a perfect result.