Hygienic wet rooms

Wet rooms, like washrooms, saunas and toilets, pool areas and locker room facilities, require a high standard in hygiene. A careful cleaning with the correct product and method will guarantee a good result.

Achieving a good level of hygiene in wet areas

Spas and swimming pool areas require a high level of hygiene and the more customers, the more dirt there will be. Quality standards have been set for the purity of the pool water which the authorities regularly sample.

If the surfaces are not properly cleaned, the number of microbes quickly increases to a harmful level in the warm, humid environment. Therefore a good planning of the cleaning together with the associated aseptic order of work are really important factors in reaching the demanded level of cleanliness.

The Kiilto Pro detergents made for wet areas and a professional cleaning staff guarantee the high level of hygiene required by facilities with wet rooms.

Aseptic cleaning

Cleaning removes dirt and microbes from surfaces and prevents their spread to other surfaces. A good result can only be achieved with properly implemented cleaning, which includes good hand hygiene, clean footwear, clean machines and equipment and the use of personal protective clothes when needed.

The aseptic working order

  1. Remove possible secretion stains first
  2. If the facility has floor drains, wash them before moving to any other surfaces to prevent dirt from spreading to cleaned surfaces later on
  3. Move from the cleanest surfaces into dirtier ones systematically without spreading the dirt
  4. Work from top to bottom, with the exception of washing vertical surfaces from bottom to top

Aseptic working order should be implemented not only on individual surfaces within a space but also as a whole when cleaning all areas. Therefore, cleaning always begins in the cleanest space and progresses towards the dirtier spaces, and while cleaning a space, from the cleanest surface to the dirtier ones.

Personal protection

The cleaning methods and agents, as well as the working environment containing moisture and temperature fluctuations, require the use of protective equipment. Ensure safety by wearing protective gloves, safety spectacles, respirators, protective apron and washable footwear with a good grip. When working near pools, a life jacket and special caution to prevent falling is recommended.

Effective removal of secretion stains is an important part of wet room hygiene

Secretion stain disinfection

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Hygiene in different wet areas

We have prepared instructions for comprehensive cleaning of different wet rooms and facility areas. Click below to read them or download the guidelines to keep them always available: