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Services for industrial bonding and fireproofing

We package and tailor our services to meet your needs. We are a strong partner in gluing and fireproofing, providing comprehensive solutions for a range of applications and problems.

Planning services

Kiilto Pro Research R&D service

Tailored product development to create a customised bonding or fireproofing solution.

A customer-specific solution for which Kiilto provides process and product development expertise and laboratory equipment. All solutions developed by Kiilto minimise their environmental impact following the Promise to the Environment principles and are safe for their users.

Process optimisation design workshop

Designing an optimised solution package to increase the production efficiency of a bonding or fireproofing process.

The problem/need and the corresponding service package are defined with the client in a joint workshop facilitated by Kiilto. Particularly suitable for investment or change projects, for example.

Life cycle analysis (LCA) and environmental product declaration (EPD) calculations

Determination of the total carbon footprint per product.

The customer receives professional advice on calculation principles, optimal calculation techniques, and ready-made, data-based LCA documents. Calculations are based on the customer’s energy and water consumption, waste management, and product raw-material and sub-component information.

Quality control services

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) quality control

Daily quality control according to the CLT manufacturer’s quality certificate.

Cost-effective quality assurance without capital-binding equipment investments or personnel costs. The service consists of sample logistics, delamination testing according to the standard, results analysis and reporting to the cloud service.

Product testing service

A quick and cost-effective way to optimise a bonding or fireproofing solution for the materials in use

Kiilto tests the suitability of the products for the customer’s application using material samples. The test methods for adhesive joint analysis and reporting of results are agreed according to the application. We can also customise the tests to the customer’s needs as a more comprehensive package.

Kiilto Professional Academy

Training customised to customer requirements or other needs ensures compliance with legal obligations and optimises the benefits of the adhesive.

We help our customers develop their services and operations. That is why we provide training that supports professionals working with Kiilto products. The training is tailored to the needs of the target group, and trainings are available both live and online.

Process optimisation services

Kiilto Pro Process

Analysing the performance of the customer’s production process.

Regularly measuring the performance of the production process reduces waste, increases productivity, and reduces the risk of production breakdowns. The service is carried out by a technical expert from Kiilto with the required expertise and high-quality appropriate equipment to carry out the measurements. The customer will receive a report of the visit.

Kiilto Pro maintenance

Planning equipment maintenance and employee training enhances predictability, safety, and reliability in production.

An important part of the process is considering the specific characteristics of the used materials – an area where collaboration creates additional value.

Gluing equipment as a service

An adhesive applicator or mixer optimised for the customer process, without tied-up working capital.

A high-quality overall solution for gluing arranged with a Kiilto expert. More precisely regulated gluing processes with less raw material use. Better work safety when the product is not mixed by hand. On-time support according to agreement.

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