Kiilto Pro Hygimon

Kiilto Pro Hygimon is an automated hand hygiene compliance monitoring system (HHCM) which supports you in preventing healthcare-associated infections. With Kiilto Pro Hygimon, you can create a safer environment both for your staff and patients, based on actions taken on accurate data collected on-site.

Observe hand hygiene situations and the use of hand sanitizers with milliliter accuracy

Kiilto’s new hand hygiene monitoring system, Kiilto Pro Hygimon, is an innovative, data-driven approach to infection control. Based on fast and reliable reports, it allows to note and correct any impracticalities affecting hand hygiene compliance using wireless technology to record the needed data.

Collects anonymous data on-site quickly and reliably

Installable to any manually used dispensers and pump bottles

Helps to reduce healthcare associated infections and their costs

Accurate information of your actual hand hygiene compliance

Kiilto Pro Hygimon records several types of data, including:

  • number of disinfections
  • their average quality based on the dosage
  • the current fill level of the monitored dispensers and pump bottles

You can react quickly to refill needs, and get valuable details on which locations require improvements. The effect of your hygiene improving actions can be measured close to real-time, supporting your infection control team’s work in an efficient manner.

Kiilto Pro Hygimon brochure and usage guides

Kiilto Pro Hygimon guides in preventing healthcare-associated infections

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Kiilto Pro Hygimon system consists of NosoEx-sensors installed to dispensers and pump bottles, and colour-coded smart tags, which are carried by the staff during their shifts. With differently coloured tags, you can distinguish between different work groups, and categorize any unidentified person as a visitor.

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