Hygienic and fresh laundry

Right methods, dosing and products make sure laundry is fresh and hygienic. It's also vital to remember the importance of clean surfaces when handling laundry.

Hygienic and fresh laudry is achieved with right methods, dosing and products. It’s important to wash laundry quickly after use and handle the laundry safe.

General instructions for fresh landry

Similar textiles should be washed together, and microfiber textiles should always be washed separately from other laundry. Follow the instructions for filling the machine. When handling dirty laundry, wear disposable gloves and use respiratory protection to avoid viral infection. Remove protective gloves in the correct manner, and practice good hand hygiene by washing your hands carefully with warm water and soap. Dry your hands well after washing and remember to use moisturizer.

Disinfection of critical surfaces

Before removing the washed laundry from the machine, disinfect the washing machine door and seals with Kiilto Desichlor or Kiilto Klorilli at a dosage of 1,000 ppm. Always handle washed textiles using clean disposable gloves.

If it is not possible to handle dirty laundry in separate premises from clean laundry, ensure regular disinfection of the surfaces after handling both dirty and clean laundry. This helps ensure that surfaces will not contaminate already washed textiles.

Washing laundry with Erisan Oxy+

In some situations, such as in the case of viral infections, it is necessary to ensure an adequate level of hygiene in the laundry. In health care hygiene can be assured by using a separate CE-marked Erisan Oxy+ disinfectant. In this case, dose only half of the recommended dosage of the textile detergent. The effect of Erisan Oxy+ disinfectant activates already in mild temperatures and thanks to that, hygienic laundry is achieved also at 40-60 ° C in normal length washing programs. Normal machine washing is not always enough when cleaning textiles.

Our best tips for fresh and hygienic laundry:

  • Take care to wash the cleaning textiles immediately after use.
  • Pre-clean the textiles before washing.
  • Wash textiles at the right temperature. Dry loosely or use a tumble dryer. ​
  • Always wash cleaning textiles containing microfiber separately from other types of laundry.