Daily cleaning – Comfortable facilities

Daily cleaning is regular cleaning with the aim of maintaining an agreed cleanliness level in the room and making the facilities comfortable.

Careful and regular daily cleaning has many benefits. ​It helps to keep the premises fresh and clean but also increases safety and wellbeing in the premises.

Daily cleaning is regular manual and / or machine cleaning with the aim of maintaining an agreed cleanliness level in the room. The result of daily cleaning can be confirmed by using floor care agents. It helps to keep facilities comfortable and also keeps the air on the rooms fresh and reduces the need for basic cleaning.

Daily cleaning usually includes

  • vacuum cleaning,
  • floor cleaning,
  • removal of stains and
  • cleaning of surfaces, toilets and dust.

When daily cleaning and care methods can no longer achieve the agreed cleanliness level, basic cleaning is required. ​

With basic cleaning we mean a comprehensive cleaning of a certain space. Basic cleaning aims for removing all dust and dirt from the room. All surfaces that collect dirt and dust are cleaned efficiently and special attention is paid to the floor and staircases. If needed, they can also be polished. Basic cleaning is always carried out from cleanest part to dirty i.e. from top to bottom. Dirt can be removed with effective cleaning methods and detergents, either by hand or by machine. The choice of method and detergent depends always on the situation and the target.