Safety packages – Kiilto Pro Box

For professional kitchens where easiness, flexibility, sustainability and safety are important factors, Kiilto Pro Box safety packages answer all of the mentioned demands effortlessly. Kiilto Pro Box is a closed dispensing system which improves occupational safety in your kitchen facilities.

In the fast-paced world of professional kitchens, where the clatter of utensils competes with the sizzle of pans, safety takes precedence above all else. Kiilto Pro Box products offer a closed loop system that, when combined with its comprehensive safety package, protects the kitchen staff from any direct contact with undiluted chemicals.

In addition to the dishwashing agents and rinse aid, Kiilto Pro Box product range also includes oven wash and rinse aid for self-cleaning ovens and cooking machines.

Simple to use

Handling the safety packaging is ergonomic and easy, thanks to its handles. Connecting the product to a dosing system is a seamless process, facilitated by its user-friendly design. With color codes providing clear guidance, users can confidently and swiftly connect the products with precision and ease.

A flexible solution

A rack can be used to place the product hanging on a wall or free-standing above the floor. By relocating detergents from their conventional placement next to the machines on the floor, this approach eliminates the clutter of containers, wiring, and pipes that typically litter kitchen floors. This way the staff can focus on their work in a more organized and carefree space. This also prevents any spillage, further enhancing occupational safety.

Serial connection can be used to extend the replacement interval, making the dispensing system even better suited to large kitchens. The products can be stacked for storage, taking up very little space.

Safe and ecological

The chemical bag inside the safety packaging is connected to the dosing system through a quick connector which minimizes the risk of skin or eye exposure to the liquid. The closed dispensing system inherently improves occupational safety of the kitchen staff.

Thanks to the color-coded hoses, the products are easy to connect to the correct dosing pump. Cross-connection is also mechanically prevented.

The box is made of recycled cardboard, and the cleaning agent comes in a 10-litre chemical bag inside of it. Both the box and the bag are simple to recycle once empty.