Kiilto Pro Fusion -dosing system

The Kiilto Pro Fusion system, designed for preparing solutions, is a perfect blend of safety, precision, and cost-effectiveness. Thanks to its user-friendly design, it solves dosing-related challenges and reduces risks associated with chemical handling in various settings, such as educational institutions, hospitals, restaurants, and other facilities.

Kiilto Pro Fusion is a dosing solution for cleaning agents that simplifies cleaning and improves work safety. It dispenses the required solutions quickly and reliably without the need to handle undiluted chemicals. With the same device, you can prepare the solution into a bottle, bucket, or directly into the clean water tank of a scrubber dryer, making dosing even more straightforward.

Benefits of the Kiilto Pro Fusion dosing system

  • Safety: prevents users from coming into contact with undiluted cleaning agents
  • Accurate dosing: ensures the correct solution concentration with every refill
  • Versatility: the same system can prepare solutions for various cleaning applications
  • Economy: proper dosing, desired cleaning results, and improved work safety reduce both direct and indirect costs resulting from cleaning

Designed with safety and economy in mind

The idea behind the Kiilto Pro Fusion dosing solution is to prevent users from coming into contact with undiluted cleaning agents, significantly increasing work safety.

Thanks to the system, the dosing of cleaning agents is precisely controlled. The desired working solution concentration is achieved with each refill, which contributes to ensuring the desired cleaning results. All of this reduces costs in the long run by avoiding challenges caused by over- or under-dosing of chemicals.

The solution also considers the environment. By using concentrates, the need for transporting and packaging cleaning agents is reduced because they can be diluted on-site instead of purchasing them as ready-to-use solutions. This can also improve the cost-effectiveness of cleaning.

Dosing a solution with Kiilto Pro Fusion

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A dosing system that adapts to your needs

The Kiilto Pro Fusion dosing system consists of a dosing device and lockable wall cabinets in which cleaning agents are concealed in five-liter containers or concentrate pouches. Up to four different cleaning agents can be connected to a single dosing device, allowing the system to prepare a versatile range of solutions for various cleaning applications.

Kiilto Pro Fusion can accommodate up to four different cleaning agents. Depending on the dosing device, one of the connected cleaning agents can be dosed into the clean water tank of a scrubber dryer or a bucket.

There are two types of dosing devices available. The dosing device designed for bottle filling prepares a solution for each connected cleaning agent directly into a bottle. The other dosing device option includes bucket filling with a hose in addition to bottle filling. With this option, one of the connected cleaning agents can be dosed into a bucket or directly into the clean water tank of a scrubber dryer. By combining dosing devices and wall cabinets, the system becomes adaptable to a wide range of needs, allowing for the installation of a solution dispenser for each available cleaning agent in the same location.

Dispenses almost all Kiilto Pro cleaning agents

Almost all Kiilto Pro cleaning agents packaged in five-liter containers are suitable for the system, making it one of the most versatile on the market. Additionally, 1.5-liter concentrate pouches specially designed for the Kiilto Pro Fusion system are available, making it a completely closed dosing system. In our range, you will also find supplies for solutions, such as dampening or spray bottles and dilution labels.

Prepare and store solutions properly

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Cleaning agents our customers confidently dose with Kiilto Pro Fusion