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Flame Retardants for Wood

Wood has held its ground as a multipurpose building material suitable for a range of purposes. Wood can be made more competitive and attractive in a number of segments by improving its flame retardancy.

You can enhance the fire properties and fire-resistance rating of wood by treating it with Kiilto’s Fireproof flame retardant. Kiilto Fireproof flame retardants are environmentally friendly and do not affect the other properties or appearance of wood.

Wood has excellent properties: it is energy-efficient, durable, renewable, easy to work with and pleasing to the eye. However, untreated wood is highly flammable, which makes it less attractive for a number of applications such as building materials.

Treating wood with Kiilto’s environmentally friendly Fireproof flame retardants can improve its fire properties and fire-resistance rating. Fireproofed wood is mainly used in roof structures, walls, wood panels and furniture. Such treatment can achieve the highest possible wood fire-resistance rating for building elements, B,s1-d0.

Various treatment options

Environmentally friendly Kiilto Fireproof W flame retardants are single-component, water-soluble, pH-neutral and industrially applicable. Their flame retardant properties are tailored to meet the customer’s production process and requirements. Possible treatment methods include:

  • spray treatment
  • pressure treatment
  • dipping
  • painting

Each MDF, HDF, chipboard and plywood production line is unique. The wood type and application method also have a major effect on how the wood should be treated. Alongside the customer, Kiilto’s flame retardant team plans and implements the most suitable flame retardant treatment.

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