Kiilto’s story began in October 1919 with a small hair tonic and shoe polish factory in the district of Pispala, Tampere.

Kiilto is a growing, family-owned company, with over a hundred-year history and a vision looking ahead to 2080. We develop, produce and sell chemical industry solutions in four business areas: construction, industrial adhesives and fireproofing, professional hygiene and consumer goods.​​​​​​​

We employ around 800 innovative professionals, Kiiltonians, and operate in 9 countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Ukraine, the Baltic countries and Poland. This makes us a strong player in each of our market areas.

We take pride in our own research, development and innovation functions, which are the base for the agile and valuable cooperation with our customers.

Kiilto in numbers

  • 800 Kiiltonians in 9 countries
  • 4 business areas
  • Net sales of 260 M€ in 2022
  • Founded in 1919, vision in 2080
  • Carbon neutral by 2028

Multi-sector innovator

Kiilto Family Group consists of four companies:

Kiilto Family Oy

The Kiilto Family Group’s parent company

Kiilto Group

Construction and industrial adhesives and fireproofing

KiiltoClean Group

Professional hygiene, and consumer goods

Intermedius Oy

Products for the shoe, textile, steel and engineering industries, plastic-coated products

Our Promise to the Environment

We believe that our industry is filled with potential when it comes to finding sustainable innovations and solutions of the future. 

Startup spirit since 1919

Our story began in 1919, in a small factory producing hair tonic and shoe polish in the Pispala district of Tampere, Finland.

Almost everything was in short supply back then. When goods could not be imported, resourceful people founded companies to make them. That is also how Kiilto saw daylight.

Did you know?
​​​​​​​The name Kiilto (Finnish word for gloss), was invented by our employees back in the day, and it’s descriptive of our original products: paints, polishes, wax and adhesives for shoe factories and spirit lacquers and polishes for furniture factories?

Replacing the old methods

Kiilto’s first owner was an industrious ‘ideas man’, who quickly realised which products and customers were important to his factory. He started playing with the idea of producing adhesives for the shoe industry, which had excellent market potential. Gluing would replace traditional mechanical methods of fixing materials together, creating a clean and tidy result.

Construction adhesives kicked off with the breakthrough of adhesive floor coverings in the 1930s. As materials and methods developed, demand and the number of applications grew in construction and various other industries.

In addition, adhesion was increasingly viewed as a comprehensive process, involving a number of phases in addition to gluing. This motivated Kiilto to expand its product selection.

Kiilto timeline since 1919



On 27th October 1919, Teknokemiallinen Tehdas O/Y Santalahti is founded in Pispala,Tampere. 1924 the company is named Kiilto Oy.


Number one in shoe polishes

At first, the company makes cosmetic substances for chemists, paints, polishes, waxes and adhesives for shoe factories and spirit lacquers and polishes for furniture makers.


Focus on adhesives

In the 1960s, the company decides to focus on the production of adhesives. Adhesive-related products are also included in the selection.


Expansion into cleaning sector

The company expands into the cleaning sector by including cleaning products in the product range. Extensive customer training begins.



The first international subsidiary is established in Sweden. Today there are international subsidiaries already in 9 countries.


Cleanliness and hygiene business grows

Kiilto’s cleanliness and hygiene business expands into new business areas.


New business: flame retardants

Kiilto’s industrial business expands. Environmentally friendly flame retardants are created through product development.


Swedish TM Progress becomes part of Kiilto

Floor coating expertise increases through the transaction. New business operations are also built in Finland.


Kiilto brand and logo revamped

Four business areas of Kiilto: construction, industrial adhesives and fireproofing, professional hygiene as well as consumer business. The Kiilto Pro product and service brand for professionals is launched as part of the change.


Kiilto becomes leading supplier of hygiene solutions in the Nordic

Kiilto acquires CCS Healthcare Holding AB and becomes a market leader in hand and surface disinfecton solutions in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Long-term success and stable growth

Kiilto has been ranked among the most successful companies and the biggest growers in Finland in Kauppalehti’s 2020 listing. The result applies to the entire Kiilto Family Group.

Over the past three years, Kiilto has been one of the two per cent of limited liability companies in Finland that have increased their annual turnover by more than 10 percentage points faster than the average for their main industry category. In 2020, Kiilto’s net sales grew by 32 percent. 

At Kiilto growth is not a momentary sprint. Proof of the long-term success is Kiilto’s position in Kauppalehti’s success rating, both among all Finnish companies and among the best companies in its own industry for the last ten years. Companies that have achieved a combination of growth and longer-term success in recent years only include less than 1 percent in Finland. 

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