Prepare and store solutions properly

Diluted solutions of cleaning agents are effective and safe to use when prepared with the correct dosage and stored according to the instructions.

Dispense professional cleaning agents carefully

Proper dosage can lead to a cleaner end result, save time, improve workplace safety, achieve cost savings, and also have a reduced environmental impact.

Dispense cleaning agents into a clean dilution bottle using a dispensing pump, an appropriately sized measuring container, or a dispensing system like Kiilto Pro Fusion, that has been designed specifically for this purpose. Remember to wear proper safety glasses and gloves when preparing the solution. Always mix the solution only the amount needed and follow the dosage instructions based on the type of dirt and the surface being cleaned. You can find dosage guidelines on the product packaging as well as on Kiilto’s website.

The dosage of Kiilto Pro cleaning agents is often very minimal, making the products highly cost-effective. When you prepare the cleaning solution while considering the storage time and the actual consumption needs, you further enhance the cost-effectiveness of the products. Proper dosing also ensures that there are no unnecessary residues left on the surfaces being cleaned.

Include the essential information on the solution label

For many Kiilto Pro cleaning agent dilutions, ready-made solution labels are available, making it easy to affix them to the solution bottle or container. There is also an empty Kiilto Pro solution label where you can freely write the necessary information. At the very least, the following details should be recorded:

  • Name of the cleaning agent used
  • Dosage of the cleaning agent
  • pH value of the solution

It is advisable to also label the container of the cleaning solution with the date of preparation to assess whether the solution is still usable. Date labeling is not necessary if the solution is prepared for daily needs.

See all ready-made solution labels here.

Store and use the solution only for the recommended time

Preservatives are unnecessary from a cleaning efficacy perspective but improve the cost-effectiveness of cleaning agents. In Kiilto’s professional cleaning products, the amount of preservatives has been optimized to be as low as possible, considering common recommendations for the shelf life of solutions.

When preparing the solution, the concentration of preservatives further dilutes, making it essential to adhere to recommended storage times. In addition to preservatives, several factors affect the solution’s shelf life, such as temperature, lighting, the cleanliness of the storage container, and its handling. Typically, solutions are stored in a dry area, at room temperature, and protected from direct sunlight.

When a solution is stored in a clean and sealed container, most solutions intended for surface cleaning remain usable for approximately a week. The shelf life may vary depending on product characteristics, which is why any specific storage instructions should always be checked in the product data sheet or product page. However, we recommend that cleaning solutions are prepared only for daily needs. It’s also essential to consider any site-specific shelf life instructions. For instance, in healthcare settings, it is recommended to use the same solution for a maximum of four hours or the duration of a shift.

Don’t forget the cleanliness of the solution containers

The bottles or containers used to store the cleaning solution should be washed by hand or in an equipment washer before preparing a new solution. This helps prevent contamination and bacterial growth in the solution.

Preparing and storing cleaning solutions in appropriate containers is a cost-effective way to maintain professional hygiene standards. When you adhere to dosage instructions and storage times, you can achieve the desired cleaning effectiveness and end result. Kiilto also offers a range of ready-to-use products that do not require dilution before cleaning. These products make the use of cleaning agents even more convenient.

Dosing a solution with Kiilto Pro Fusion

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