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Our role in the food industry is to help maintain top-tier hygiene, improve operational safety, protect employee health, and safeguard the reputation of operators and the future of our environment. By collaborating on hygienic processes, we can together achieve high-quality end products that can be consumed and enjoyed with confidence.

Kiilto’s strong position as a trusted partner in the food industry is based on high-quality cleaning solutions and expert support and services. We understand the specific needs of food industry and are committed to providing solutions that achieve a high level of hygiene while helping to reduce production costs and environmental impacts, such as optimising water and energy consumption.

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We aim to be a comprehensive partner in hygiene. We develop and manufacture high-quality cleaning agents for all key processes in the food industry, from various surface and CIP (clean-in-place) cleanings to membrane washing, pathway disinfection, track lubrication, and the cleaning of ancillary areas. Our solutions also include products for employee hand hygiene and the cleanliness of social areas. Our solutions are the result of Finnish product development and close customer collaboration. They meet the evolving needs of the industry while ensuring compliance with food hygiene regulations, such as the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR).

Thanks to our Nordic presence, we maintain a high level of delivery reliability and operate efficiently throughout the Nordics. By providing everything needed from a single source, including tanker truck deliveries if required, we can streamline hygiene logistics through centralisation.

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We are genuinely close to our customers from the assessment to the implementation phase of hygiene solutions. Close and long-term collaboration is an essential part of our approach. This enables us to ensure that our solutions truly meet our customers’ needs, and our customers receive the necessary support for hygiene quickly and reliably.

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