Inviting public areas

Inviting public areas are cleand and fresh. They contribute to the wellbeing and satisfaction of the users.

When the public areas are inviting, customers can focus on enjoying the delicious food and welcoming atmosphere. ​

We’re here to help you in offering inviting surroundings to your customers with effective and convenient products for all areas the customers are in contact with. We provide comprehensive product and service range for dining room, public area and toilet cleaning, surface hygiene testing, textile care and payment terminal area.

Success lies in the details and customer experience comes for all the little contact areas a customer has within the restaurant. Inviting public areas increase the satisfaction of guests and make them stay longer. Fresh and clean public areas as well as hand washing and disinfecting opportunities being available also increase the feeling of safety.

Cleanliness of the dining area

Wiping the customer tables and chairs is a part of daily routines. Other surfaces should also be maintained, with special focus on touch surfaces like door handles and card payment terminals. When class surfaces and display cabinets are cleaned regularly, the treats in them look even more appetizing. Remember to also clean floors at least daily or whenever necessary.

Hygiene in toilets

Clean and hygienic toilets increase the visitors’ comfort. Remember to make sure that the supplements, such as paper towels and soap, are always available.