Surface cleaning (OPC) in food industry

For surface cleaning, you need efficiently foaming but easily rinsable cleaning agents that remove dirt without leaving residue. The Finnish Kiilto Pro products offer solutions for all typical cleaning needs in the food industry. They meet strict hygiene and quality requirements and are suitable for use with the most commonly used cleaning systems on the market.

Surface cleaning or OPC (Open Plant Cleaning) is a daily cleaning method in food factories. With the extensive Kiilto Pro range, all cleaning needs in food production are covered, from alkaline and acidic foam cleaning to the disinfection of surfaces and walkways.

High-quality Kiilto Pro foam cleaning agents

The appropriate surface cleaning agent is selected based on the type of dirt and the surface material. Kiilto Pro foam cleaning agents effectively clean various types of dirt, including protein soil, animal fats, starch, and other organic dirt from surfaces, typically steel and light metal surfaces.

For the removal of stubborn dirt such as limestone and rust, an acid cleaning agent is needed. Kiilto Pro acidic specialty cleaning agents help remove various deposits, polish surfaces, and provide them with corrosion protection against the effects of alkali and chlorine. Disinfection using the foam method is also achievable with Kiilto Pro products.

Our experts assist you in selecting the cleaning detergents best suited for your production facilities. By choosing phosphorus-free or Nordic Swan Ecolabelled surface cleaning agents, you can impact the environmental load generated by your production’s cleanliness maintenance.

A successful foam cleaning starts with thorough pre-rinsing

Foam cleaning is a fast and economical way to clean large surface areas, such as production facility floors, walls, equipment surfaces, and conveyors. The effectiveness and efficiency of the surface cleaning agent are significantly influenced by ensuring that the foam remains on the surface without drying or evaporating and rinses off easily after the contact time.

An essential part of the foam cleaning method is thorough pre-rinsing of surfaces with water to minimize loose dirt between the surface and the foam, which could hinder the detergent’s effectiveness. After pre-rinsing, the detergent is applied to the surface using foaming equipment. Thanks to the foam, the detergent does not run or evaporate from the surfaces but adheres to the dirt, allowing it to act on the surface. This way, detergent and water can be saved during surface cleaning.

Surfaces are washed and rinsed, after which the foam is thoroughly rinsed off the surfaces. Kiilto Pro products’ foam rinses off well, making the final rinse as effortless and economical as possible.

A comprehensive solution for both manual and automatic surface cleaning methods

Kiilto is a distributor of Foamico cleaning systems, among the most popular in the industry. Through us, you can obtain a comprehensive solution for surface cleaning in the food industry, including all necessary Kiilto Pro cleaning chemicals and dosing equipment.