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The core of our business lies in the creation of solutions meeting customer needs, with the goal of being the industry’s best partner and the first choice for customers as well as the environmental leader of our field. For us, corpoate sustainability means fostering a good working environment, well-being, safety, top level know-how and ethical ways of operation. It is committing to the future and generating added value for all stakeholders. This involves a long-term approach, creativity, and sustainable product and operational management. In addition to our own operations and the close stakeholder groups, the effects can be seen in the development of the whole industry.

Sustainability is an integral element of overall quality, based on our aim to generate responsible solutions for our stakeholders. Sustainablity also involves the aim to exceed legislative requirements, be a pioneer, lead by example and engage in partnerships for the common good.

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Perspectives on the Kiilto´s Sustainability Report

For the first time, the 2022 Sustainability Report consolidated sustainability data from all of Kiilto’s countries of operation. The report was also done in English for the first time. The 2023 report continues these principles. Some of the sustainability data is currently only available for Finland or the locations where Kiilto has production.   

The environment lies at the core of Kiilto’s sustainability. Since launched in 2018, Our Promise to the Environment has been guiding our sustainability work and communication. As a chemical company, Kiilto make the biggest impact in environmental issues as part of its sustainability.

Kiilto has no separate director or function of sustainability. Accountability is integrated into Kiilto’s processes and culture, making it easier to change procedures quickly when shortcomings are identified. Our reporting process has been a good way to identify gaps while also validating existing practices. In the report we strive to be open about the areas for improvement in Kiilto’s sustainability.

In the Kiilto Sustainability Report, we refer to the Corporate Governance Statement and Tax Strategy, which are available as separate documents on the this web page.

The statutory reporting obligation will apply to Kiilto in 2026 (reporting for the year 2025). The 2023 report’s aim has been to continue taking the first decisive steps towards reporting in line with the CSRD EU directive. 

Sustainability reporting is the systematic disclosure of an organisation’s ESG performance, practices and impacts. It goes beyond financial reporting to provide stakeholders with comprehensive information on a company’s environmental impacts, social measures and governance practices. By measuring, monitoring and publishing relevant sustainability data, Kiilto assesses its progress in its commitment to sustainable development.

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