Kiilto Pro Air Freshener
Air Freshener

Special features

  • Quick and effective freshener.
  • Contains an odour-neutralising agent.
  • Also works for cigarette smoke and food odours
  • Non-staining

Air Freshener is a non-staining dry spray. Quick and effective way of freshening indoor air and textiles. Air Freshener contains an odour-neutralising agent that also works for cigarette smoke and food odours. The product can be sprayed directly onto rugs, curtains and other textiles from a distance of 30–40 cm. Avoid spraying on sensitive fibres.




Freshens and neutralises extraordinary odours. Also freshens textiles without staining.

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN
10 x 200 ml 65035 6417964650358

Must not be stored in direct sunlight or at over 50°C.
Must not be punctured or burned, even if empty.
Shelf life 5 years.

Instructions for use

Shake the can before use and spray.

Environment and safety

Do not spray into naked flame or glowing matter. Must be separated from ignition sources - Smoking is prohibited. Keep out of reach of children.