WipeClean Universal Cleaning
Cleaning Cloth

Single-use cleaning wipes for surfaces, for professional use.




Single-use washing cloths are suitable for cleaning water-resistant surfaces, for example in hospitals, care establishments, sanitary facilities, daycare centres, dental clinics, aircraft, trains, ships, cars and offices.

Appearance and scent

White towel material, unscented and almost entirely odourless.

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN
20 x 25 pcs 5231 5701684523124

Store the packaging in a dry area not subject to freezing and protected from direct sunlight. Shelf life: 3 years at room temperature

Environment and safety

The outer material of the package is PET/PE plastic.
The cloth package and cloths can be disposed of as energy waste or community waste.

Ingredient Effect
Aqua (> 95%) Water
Surfactants (< 1 %) Cleaning efficiency
Phenoxyethanol Preservative
Other composition

Cloth size 20×20 cm. Soft cloth, non-woven textile, 50 gsm (1 m* 1m) 70% polyester/30% viscose.