Kiilto Biomelt - World's first biodegradable hot melt adhesive

Welcome to a whole new world of possibilities.

This is Kiilto Biomelthighly biobased and 100% biodegradable hot melt adhesive for your needs.

Does your production line use hot melt adhesives?

If so, you’re in the right place.

Kiilto Biomelt could give your product a new competitive advantage – or help create something completely new.

Kiilto Biomelt is one of the highlights of our green innovations and solution development.

Here’s just a few examples how Kiilto Biomelt could benefit you:

Does Kiilto Biomelt enable fully compostable packaging?


Kiilto Biomelt can replace conventional oil-based hot melt adhesives that are normally used in, for example, packaging applications.

What about hygiene products?

Yes, those too.

With Kiilto Biomelt, hygiene products using hot melt adhesive can now be made compostable.

Is Kiilto Biomelt biobased?

Yes, over 70%.

More than 70% of Kiilto Biomelt’s raw materials are biobased thus helping your production to reach environmental goals.

Kiilto Biomelt can be used like a conventional hot melt adhesive for different types of gluing and laminating applications, for example in the package and disposable product manufacture.

Now, we have one question that we would really like to discuss with you:

What could we achieve together?

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