What if there was an easy way to make your packaging more sustainable?

Kiilto Pro Pack Eco is a green adhesive innovation from Kiilto.

From sidestreams of forest industry

Kiilto Pro Pack Eco range includes solutions that are from 70 up to 100% from renewable sources using biomass balance calculation. The raw materials originate from sidestreams of forest industry so they do not compete with food production.

Drop-in solution

Product range consists of dispersion adhesives that are all drop-in solutions to replace for example previous non bio-based Kiilto Sitol adhesives in variety of applications. No compromises on the bonding quality.

Perfect fit for many processes

Whether you need an adhesive for cardboard box sidegluing, lamination or graphics industry, Kiilto Pro Pack Eco carries the perfect fit for you.

Matching the need

Kiilto Pro Pack Eco carries solutions to match the need from fast action nozzle and disc applicators to long open time requiring roller applicators.

What could we achieve together?

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