Inspiration spurs on a product developer

Product Development Manager Soilikki Kotanen’s work requires creativity and the courage to try new things. Diverse and challenging work motivates you, because you can create new solutions for customers’ problems based on personal competence.

“The best thing about my work is the feeling that comes from the flashes of inspiration that I get during product development projects,” says Kotanen.

The team she leads is developing two-component polyurethane adhesives for industrial applications. Product development work is not a lonely toil; the best solutions are created through smooth co-operation.

“When working on a project for a customer, there is already a clear demand for the product being developed. The product will be used straight away, which makes your own contribution feel important.”

Power of co-operation

In her work, Kotanen is motivated by inventing new things and improving the old. Diverse work, opportunities to influence her job description and smooth co-operation between different departments all contribute to job satisfaction. She also praises her highly competent colleagues and the work atmosphere at Kiilto.

“When we toss around ideas together, it sometimes results in brand new insights,” says Kotanen.

Appeal of well-known products and Finnish company

When Kotanen applied for work at Kiilto, she was attracted by their diverse and Finnish product development, well-known products and large product range. The scope of Kiilto’s occupational well-being activities was a pleasant surprise.

“Kiilto being Finnish is an important factor for me,” Kotanen emphasises. “I want to help develop Finnish products and thus help create more jobs and prosperity in Finland.”