Solutions for metal-industry washing, machining and maintenance

Metal-industry washing and cleaning

Kiilto provides solutions for the washing and cleaning of metal industry processes. Washing finishes the quality and cleanness of a piece, reduces the product’s corrosion risk and extends its service life. We can provide you with high-quality detergents for oil and grease removal using spray washers and enclosed washing machines. Surface washing in the metal industry has countless different washing items and types of dirt. Industrial detergents are strong solutions developed for professional use, capable of dealing with challenging dirt. Used according to the instructions, the detergents are also safe for the materials being washed.

Machining metal industry

Kiilto’s cutting fluids have excellent lubrication and coolant properties, good anti-corrosion properties and microbiological resistance. The products help achieve a long service life for tools and good machining results. Our comprehensive solution covers the chemicals needed for metal working as well as personal hygiene products. We also provide products for monitoring the microbiological state of the cutting fluid.

Technical aerosols for maintenance

Our product selection includes the most common technical aerosols for lubrication, cleaning and coating – from short-term lubrication to installation aids. Kiilto products ensure the uninterrupted functioning of machines. The quality of our products has been tested in demanding industrial applications. Regular and careful lubrication and cleaning are a part of chemical maintenance, which protects machines and surfaces and extends their service life. The range of cleaning products is extensive and diverse, including degreasing agents, electronics cleaning agents and glass cleaners.