Kiilto’s updated fix and sealant range helps in choosing the right product

Thanks to an update of their fixes and sealants, Kiilto is now offering building professionals a wider product selection than ever before.

In the update Kiilto has refreshed the product packages and changed and simplified product names to ‘Kiilto’. The wider range results from the synergy of Kiilto’s business areas, and at the heart of the business is the customer.

Selecting the right product for the right application is now easier than ever before. “We went through all our fixes and sealants from the perspective of a professional customer in the construction or industry and tried to identify factors that could help us to serve our customers better. We have now built a comprehensive, integrated product range enabling our customers to source the right products for every application from a single supplier. Our goal was to build an easy, simplified and comprehensive range”, states Stiina Pasanen, Product Group Manager at Kiilto Construction.

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We have also added some new colours to the Kiilto Masa -product family. The new colours match the stock colours in Rautaruukki’s colour chart.

Kiilto is enthusiastic about their updated range –and rightly so, since Kiilto can now offer a more comprehensive product range than ever before.

“It feels good to begin the new year with such good news. We are happy to be able to provide our professional customers new solutions that help them to deliver the intended result. The world is changing, but Kiilto stays strong.”

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