Kiilto strenghtens its environmental expertise — appointments to the Board of Directors of Kiilto Family Oy

On 29 May 2020, the Annual General Meeting of Kiilto Family Oy appointed the following as new members of the Board of Directors of Kiilto Family Group’s parent company, Kiilto Family Oy: Eija Hietavuo (Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration) and Anssi Tammilehto (Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration). Environmental expertise was highlighted when appointing the new Board members, since environmental issues lie at the heart of the Group's culture and strategy. As a business culture that cuts across the entire company and its functions, Kiilto's Promise to the Environment will be supported by the strong expertise of the new Board members.

Eija Hietavuo is Senior Vice President Sustainability of Stora Enso’s Packaging Materials division, where she is also a member of the Management Team. She has more than 20 years of experience in various international roles involving sustainable development in the financial sector, business world and research sector, as an entrepreneur, and with the UN. Hietavuo also holds several international positions of trust.
“It feels great and inspiring to be involved in developing Kiilto and contributing to the future of a major Finnish family business. I’ve already been impressed by the expertise and positive energy of Kiilto’s employees. Leadership and long-termism through the lens of sustainable development are needed in the current, uncertain global situation. I believe that the Board’s expertise will be strengthened by my long international experience in various management positions involving sustainable development and social responsibility,” Hietavuo sums up.


Anssi Tammilehto is Vice President, Business Finance, at Neste. Prior to this, he served in financial management and sales positions at Neste. Since 2013, he has been responsible for management accounting and performance management at Neste Corporation, and involved in several business development projects and group strategy work.

“I am excited about helping Kiilto to achieve its ambitious vision for 2080, which is integral to its broad goals in terms of responsibility and environmental leadership. I intend to bring my active approach, experience and insights into the transition towards responsible business to my work as a member of the Board. Kiilto’s business areas provide a solid foundation for such work, and I look forward to learning a great deal from this traditional company with its wonderful history,” Tammilehto says.

The other members of Kiilto Family Oy’s Board of Directors are Erkki Solja, Jaakko Solja, Eeva Solja, Ville Solja, Hannu Saarijärvi and Seppo Nieminen.