Kiilto Fireproof flame retardants launched at PacTec Helsinki

The new Kiilto Fireproof product family demonstrated new insights into packaging safety and durability at this major packaging industry event. Environmentally friendly flame retardants are suitable for packaging, as well as for timber, insulation and filter materials.

PacTec Helsinki, the major packaging and material processing industry event, drew numerous industry specialists together at the Messukeskus expo and conference centre in Helsinki at the end of May. Packaging industry businesses, from design to use, from printing and package machines to marketing, gather together at PacTec. Kiilto Oy and Kiilto Fireproof flame retardant products were also present at the fair for the visitors.

The common and general themes at PacTec included the ecological aspects of packaging materials, new technologies, smart packaging, and packaging as part of marketing.

Business Development Manager Atte Borgenström shows with samples how Kiilto Fireproof flame retardants slow down the progress of fire in the material.

Packaging needs fire-safe materials

There are strict regulations set for the flammability of packaging materials.

“For example, you cannot take any flammable materials onto shipyards during construction”, says Atte Borgenström, Business Development Manager at Kiilto. “Products have to be unpacked from their cardboard packaging before they are taken on board the ship, which is of course impractical and time-consuming.”

However, cardboard packaging that has been treated with Kiilto Fireproof products is suitable even for restricted environments. The eco-friendly Fireproof products, developed at Kiilto’s own laboratories in Lempäälä, are suitable for many types of packaging. Cardboard, wood, and various insulation and filter materials can be treated with chemicals that are harmless to humans and the environment. Fireproofing does not affect the product’s other features.

“The substance can be added either during the manufacturing process or afterwards by applying the chemical to the finished product. For example, after cardboard boxes have been treated, company texts and logos can be printed on them in the usual way”, says Borgenström.

“Kiilto’s flame retardant products for the paper and packaging industry are safe to use, as they are water-based, liquid substances.”

Regional Manager Juha Mikkonen tells plywood industry representatives about Kiilto Fireproof products.

Customised flame retardants

By using Kiilto fireproofing solutions, the flammability of materials can be significantly reduced.The products have been independently tested, and they are the result of long-running work in Kiilto’s own product development unit. At the Kiilto stand, product developers showed trade fair visitors models of the fire test results for various materials. It was easy even for a layperson to see the difference between untreated and treated cardboard.

Kiilto was a familiar business to the trade fair visitors. In addition to talking about Fireproof products, Kiilto’s adhesive products were also discussed.In adhesive and fireproofing products, customers are interested in eco-friendliness and responsible production methods.

“Responsibility is part of how Kiilto operates. We are constantly trying to find solutions that support it even better, in our own operations and in our products, which can be customized to meet our client’s individual needs”, says Borgenström.

“A solution that has been planned together with the client to fit their production processes and operating requirements is also cost-efficient. For example, flame retardants can usually be applied on existing production lines, so there is no need to invest in more machines.”