Easydes – temporary change in caps

From February 2019 and for the spring, the 500-millilitre Easydes bottles will have a flip-top cap instead of a press-top cap.

The reason for this change is a flaw we detected in the quality of the most recent batch of press-top caps we purchased. The lids of the caps were not tight enough, presenting a leak risk during transport, and the batch was rejected for this reason.

Once the cause of this flaw has been corrected and our packaging material manufacturer can supply press-top caps that meet our quality requirements, we will resume their use. This is a temporary change, and unfortunately the investigation is not yet complete.

We hope that this arrangement will not inconvenience your business. The safety and risk assessment of products used in healthcare includes many factors, one of which is the functionality of packaging.

Best regards,

Päivi Godden

Business development manager