Clean golf – coronavirus pandemic makes collaboration between Tarinagolf and Kiilto even closer

Tarinagolf, a golf centre in Siilinjärvi (Finland), is a long-term customer of Kiilto. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the golf centre requested new cleaning solutions from Kiilto to enable safe golfing throughout the exceptional times.

Tarinagolf in Siilinjärvi is the largest golf centre in Eastern Finland, with approximately 2,500 members.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit Finland, Tarinagolf also had to figure out how to continue golfing while keeping safe.

“At the board of directors of the Finnish Golf Union, we prepared a set of nationwide instructions on how golf courses should operate during the coronavirus pandemic. We considered the client’s entire visit step by step: how to ensure safety on the golf course, as well as in the toilets and washing facilities, against Covid-19. At Tarina, we have strictly adhered to the instructions,” says Tarinagolf Managing Director Osmo Ruuska, who is also a member of the board of directors of the Finnish Golf Union.

As Tarinagolf’s long-term partner, Kiilto designed a comprehensive solution to enhance safety at the golf centre in cleanliness and hygiene. Kiilto products had already been in use at Tarina in the cleaning of the reception and office area, the club house sauna and shower facilities, and the toilets in the golf course and indoor spaces. The cleaning of these areas has been intensified due to the coronavirus pandemic, and detergents and disinfectants have been made increasingly available. The cleaning of golf trolleys and cars has also been made more effective: they are cleaned with Kiilto products after each use, and clients can also clean them by themselves if desired, using single-use cloths and disinfectants.

“It’s very handy to receive all our cleaning products from the same place. With Reijo Räsänen, our point of contact at Kiilto, we have thoroughly examined which product best suits each purpose. For example, we use milder cleaning agents in the office than those used in the cleaning of toilets,” says Reetta Sallinen, Tarinagolf’s Sales and Service Manager.

Long and seamless collaboration

Tarinagolf and Kiilto have collaborated for a long time – about 15 years. At first, their collaboration focused on the cleaning solutions for the Tarinagolf restaurant, but in recent years, and especially due to the coronavirus pandemic, it has also expanded to the golf course.

“The popularity of golf has increased tremendously in recent years. For example, it is likely that close to 60,000 rounds will be played here at Tarina this year. At Tarina, players use the same golf trolleys, rakes, ball dispensers, etc. Each player is also likely to use the toilet facilities at least once during their visit, so taking care of cleanliness is important,” says Ruuska.

Reijo Räsänen, the Key Account Manager responsible for cleaning solutions and communication with Tarina, plays golf there actively himself.

“We like to collaborate with entities that are active in our own community. As Reijo often plays golf at our centre, he knows our operating environment and needs very well, and has been able to tell us which products and solutions are most suitable for each need,” Ruuska explains.

Tarinagolf staff is indeed satisfied with the collaboration with Kiilto.

“Our collaboration has been smooth and seamless. We’re lucky to have Reijo playing golf here so actively. Each time he comes here to play, it’s like a customer visit at the same time,” says Sallinen.

“Well, I do have an axe to grind in this matter. As I play golf at Tarina almost every day myself, of course I want cleanliness and hygiene to be at the top level,” Räsänen says with a laugh.

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