A joint donation from Kiilto and Insta to support young people’s mental health

The protracted coronavirus pandemic has further increased the demand for mental health services for young people. This spring, the long-standing family companies, Insta and Kiilto, decided to repeat their charity cooperation from last spring, in which the employees were allowed to vote on the charity target. As a result, a donation of ten thousand euros was directed, like last year, to Youth Mental Health Association Yeesi in Finland.

“Because of the corona, we have been in an exceptional situation for a long time, and its effects are reflected in the well-being of young people. Concern for the mental health of young people is a genuine and topical issue. That is why I’m particularly pleased that the selection was allocated this year to Yeesi. In this way, we can continue the cooperation that began last spring. I feel that through Yeesi, our donation is very concrete in helping out those who need support,” says Eeva Solja, Kiilto’s Brand and Communications Director.

The chat service supports the mental well-being of young people

The donation will be directed to enable Sekasin group chat activity.

“The corona pandemic has increased the burden experienced by young people, and the demand for Yeesi’s operations has increased. Sekasin chat is a nationwide, widely open chat service for 12-29-year-olds that supports mental well-being and coping with mental health problems,” says Sonja Raunio, Executive Director of Yeesi.

Sonja Raunio

According to Niklas Mattsson, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Insta Group, continuing to prevent the exclusion of young people feels important.

“The problems caused by the coronavirus will increase as the crisis continues. The need for help is acute as the mental strain increases. Our staff clearly saw the importance of continuing this work,” says Mattsson.

What is Yeesi?

Youth Mental Health Association – Yeesi was founded in 2011 by young people themselves. The organisation is Finland’s first national Mental Health Association for young people. The members of the organisation have an opportunity to enhance the mental well-being of their generation. Their important values are giving from young people to young people, ”low step” (easy to access for everyone) and flexibility, positivity, development and positive attitude towards change and present day.

“We exist so that young people get the conditions, skills and opportunities to strengthen their own and other young people’s mental health in everyday life and in society,” concludes Raunio.

“There are different stages in all our lives where resources are consumed and accumulated. Now, if ever, each of us needs support in taking care of mental health.”

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Brand and Communications Director
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Niklas Mattsson
Vice Chairman of the Board
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