Professional cleaning

Cleanliness consists of professional skills, detergents, machines and equipment. As an expert in the field of cleanliness, Kiilto offers the best solutions for professionals.

Everything starts with cleanliness and safety. A clean environment and clean surfaces are always a sign of determined and professional work. Clean spaces are safe and user-friendly and affect the wellbeing of the users.

Kiilto provides a comprehensive solution in Professional Cleaning and solutions for professional textile washing for optimal washing results. The starting point for all our solutions is ease, efficiency and safety. In our product range you can find a large variety of products that are kind to the environment. Many products for Professional Cleaning have received the Nordic Ecolabel which tells that the product is high quality and efficient and that it also strains the environment less. In addition, many of our products are marked with the Allergy Label. Kiilto has developed Natura-series which is growing all the time and is made of biodegradable and renewable raw materials. We are aiming for environmental leadership together with our customers. We want to develop our solutions towards a circular economy in cooperation with our partners.

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