Construction solutions that take account of project life cycles

Our solutions are based on responsible product development in close cooperation with research institutes and other partners.

Good design is half the life cycle

At the planning stage, key decisions are taken on the environmental impacts of a building during its life cycle. Our design services make the work of designers easier and faster. For example, we offer a design and service manual package for wet rooms in line with the Kuivaketju10 operating model, to enable easier design and implementation. We also provide extensive support for designers, supervisors and workers in tasks such as the sealing of structures.

How can we help you?

Does your design involve a challenging structure or did you find an unfamiliar, harmful substance at the site? Do you need further information on the functioning, behaviour or features of building products? Tell us about the challenges you face – we will provide expert help and services in the study and testing of materials.

The best results are achieved together

Our training helps our customers to develop their services and capabilities. We train users of our products on the products’ features, correct application technique and taking account of environmental and safety issues. For users, training is an important forum for expressing their wishes and experiences of products. Such feedback is the best way of helping us to understand customers’ everyday lives and needs – and serve them better.

We aim to provide safe products and a safe environment

Safe and environmentally friendly solutions have been a priority in our work for many years. For example, we were the first to launch a wet room system in which all products have M1 classification. In line with the ‘Our Promise to the Environment’ programme of 2018, we have been steadily integrating environmental practices more closely with our processes. For example, in product development we are continuously seeking raw materials and packaging with a smaller environmental footprint. We help our customers to be more environmentally friendly and build a sustainable future with us.

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Kiilto’s Promise to the Environment ranges from the purchase of raw materials to working with customers

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