Probiotics – what are they and what new can they bring to cleaning

Probiotics are already known to be used in medicine, food industry and cosmetics. They can be for example lactic acid bacteria, which can help you with stomach problems, or various other probiotic microbes used in probiotic skin creams, helping in maintaining and improving the microbe balance on the skin.

With positive experiences in other fields, there has been a lot of interest in using probiotics for other applications, such as cleaning. Probiotic cleaning distinguishes itself from conventional detergents by not only cleansing surfaces but also introducing beneficial microbes to the surfaces. These microbes persist on the treated surfaces, actively consuming dirt and odours even between cleaning sessions. Through their natural enzymatic processes, these probiotics break down dirt into smaller particles, enhancing their efficacy in subsequent cleaning efforts.

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Kiilto has carried three probiotic cleaning agents in its product selection for years and the collection is expanding with a fourth detergent this winter. This enables fully probiotic daily cleaning processes with Kiilto Pro products.

Kiilto Pro Universal Probio, the newest addition, is one of the first probiotic cleaning agents that is certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The substances in Kiilto’s probiotic cleaning agents are 100 % biodegradable, which means they decompose into carbon dioxide and water. In addition, the probiotic micro-organisms in the products are proven to be safe, naturally occurring and free of genetically modified organisms.

Because of this natural origin and safeness, they integrate well in a natural microbial ecosystem and will help to restore and maintain a healthy natural microflora in the environment. Probiotic cleaning can be seen as a new method to reach improved wholesome hygiene level, above what is possible with traditional methods.