Kiilto aims for environmental leadership with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Products with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel are a crucial part of our goal to become a leader in environmental sustainability within our industry. This year we’ve launched Finland’s first Nordic Swan Ecolabelled probiotic cleaning agent.

We offer a wide range of cleaning agents, most of which proudly bear the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, signifying our ambitious environmental efforts. Through a longstanding collaboration between Kiilto and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, dozens of Swan-labelled cleaning products have been introduced to the market, catering to both consumers and professionals.

The latest innovation in the professional cleaning field is Kiilto Pro Universal Probio, Finland’s first Nordic Swan Ecolabelled probiotic all-purpose cleaning agent. The decision to apply for the Ecolabel was made early in the project’s inception.

“We wanted to be pioneers because Nordic Swan Ecolabelled probiotic all-purpose cleaning agents were not yet available in the Finnish market. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel also supports Kiilto’s goal to be an environmental leader. At the same time, we want to support our customers’ environmental objectives; some of them wouldn’t consider a product without the Nordic Swan Ecolabel,” says Tiina Laurén, Solution Manager for professional cleaning.

Integrating a probiotic all-purpose cleaning agent into professional cleaning

Kiilto Pro Universal Probio is an all-purpose cleaning agent containing probiotics, beneficial microbes tasked with cleaning more effectively and, over time, displacing harmful microbes such as pathogens that accumulate on surfaces. Laurén highlights that the product is particularly suitable for various touch surfaces in places like schools, offices, daycares, hotels, nursing homes, and hospitals.

This is also Finland’s first all-purpose cleaning agent utilizing probiotics to be awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The Ecolabel demands safety and effectiveness from cleaning agents, as well as from the probiotics added to the product.

“Participating in this kind of Nordic Swan Ecolabel application process really opens your eyes to the stringent requirements of the Ecolabel. But once the criteria are met, it’s a really good feeling knowing that an independent entity has verified that the product is a better choice for the environment,” Laurén remarks.

Several years of product development also required close collaboration between the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Kiilto. Laurén praises the solution-oriented approach of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel’s experts as part of the application process.

“Collaboration with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel was extremely good and constructive, and finding solutions, for example, to verify criteria, was really professional.”

Supporting environmental goals through the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Environmental issues have also become central in professional cleaning. Laurén emphasizes Kiilto’s support for this direction by developing Nordic Swan Ecolabelled products that consider factors like recyclability of packaging and environmental impacts of the cleaning agent.

“The Nordic Swan Ecolabel supports our environmental goals and Our Promise to the Environment. It is a well-known, respected, and impartial label that also considers user safety alongside the environment. It’s essential to understand the process behind the label and the environmental choices inherent in the product, from raw material selection to production and from usage to post-use phase,” says Laurén.

Environmental considerations are an integral part of our product development, and offering Nordic Swan Ecolabelled products to professionals is a natural choice for us. Seamless cooperation and dialogue between Kiilto’s product development and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel are valuable and help Kiilto progress in the right direction regarding environmental issues – even being a pioneer by introducing something entirely new to the industry, exemplified by the new Nordic Swan Ecolabelled probiotic all-purpose cleaning agent.

“I feel that my role is meaningful in being able to do this work and influence these matters. When environmental values guide a company’s operations, they are also easy to implement personally,” Laurén concludes.

Nordic Swan Ecolabelled cleaning agents:

  • Stringent restrictions on environmentally harmful chemicals
  • Safe for users
  • Efficient cleaning with a small amount, promoting resource conservation through longevity
  • Packaging requirements support circular economy through i.e. material choices

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