How to choose the best products for machine dishwashing

Ensuring that you serve your customers with clean dishes is as important as the food you serve. Chemicals used in professional dishwashing must guarantee a clean finish without compromising on ease of use or time. Kiilto offers a wide range of effective yet environmentally friendly Kiilto Pro dishwashing agents that ensure your stain-free dishes will impress both your customers and health inspectors. Read this guide to understand which chemicals are most optimal for your kitchen.

Factors of Cleaning

Several factors need to be considered in order to achieve a hygienic result. These are:

  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Mechanical action
  • Chemical reaction

When washing dishes with a machine, the user’s responsibility is to make sure proper detergents are added to the process. These depend on the features of different kitchen facilities, their equipment and user preferences such as ease of use, environmental impact and sufficiency. 

Dishwashing Detergents and Rinse Aids

Typically, machine wash requires two types of dishwashing agents; a detergent to achieve cleanliness, and a rinse aid which speeds up the drying time and gives the finishing touch to spotless dishes. The hot temperature of rinsing water ensures that the dishes come out sanitized.

Aspects to consider when choosing chemicals for dishwashing:

  • Dishwasher type
  • Installation requirements
  • Local water conditions
  • Size of the kitchen
  • Available space for storage
  • Safety
  • Ease of use
  • Environmental impact
  • Sufficiency
  • Price
  • Availability at the distributor

Liquid Agents

Liquid detergents and rinse-aids come in various sizes, from small 5-liter packages to 800-liter containers, offering an option for kitchen facilities of all sizes and wash frequencies. The large containers offer an economic option to large industrial kitchens. Based on the adjusted dosage, the liquid is pumped directly into the wash tank where it is mixed with hot water. Kiilto’s product range includes many eco certified options, such as Kiilto Pro MD Green for dishwashing and Kiilto Pro Restia for rinsing. Kiilto offers liquid detergents in safety packages also, which improve work safety through a closed loop system.

Solid Agents

For those who appreciate safe, effortless and accurate way of dosing chemicals, the Swan labeled Kiilto Pro MD Block range offers a compact solution in a solid form. It has an option for all material types of dishes and water conditions in a professional kitchen. The dispensers are installed on the wall on top of appliances, making it an ideal choice for small facilities with hood type or rack conveyor dishwashers.

Other chemicals for machine dishwashing

In addition to the basic dishwashing products, Kiilto offers also specialized chemicals which are developed to perform specific functions in the dishwashing process.

Disinfecting Cleaning

Regular disinfecting cleaning keeps the unwanted strains of bacteria and mold from building up inside the dishwasher. For example, bacteria might form onto the inner surfaces of the hatches, because hot water is not in contact with them during normal dishwashing cycle. Dishwasher manufacturers often recommend to use non-foaming, alcohol based agents for disinfecting cleaning, such as Kiilto Pro Antibact. Disinfecting cleaning of dishwasher requires mechanical washing. The dilution of agent and water can be dispensed onto the inner parts of a dishwashing machine with a spray cleaning unit, such as KiiltoJet.

Presoaking agents

Leaving excessive food residue on the dishes before loading the dishwasher can cause clogs in the nozzles and filters. Presoak helps to loosen and remove food film from different materials such as stainless steel, flatware, and glass before the actual dishwashing takes place. Kiilto offers several different soaking agents such as Kiilto Pro Active Dip with a bleaching effect and chlorine-free Kiilto Pro Wash Dip, which suits plastic too.


The ability of the dishwasher to reach optimal heating temperature can be compromised by limescale forming up around the heating elements. To ensure your washer works as intended and ensures the best possible result, descaling of limestone is important. Deliming should take place on a regular basis. For this purpose, we recommend Kiilto Pro Kalk, a strongly acidic agent that removes deposits effectively. Learn more about descaling in our work instructions.

Experts close to you

No matter how appealing your menu is, presenting delicious meals in dull or dirty dishes can give your business a bad reputation. Reliable dishwashing is essential for smooth workflow in a hectic kitchen environment also. Our experts in Kiilto will help you to determine the most optimal products for your kitchen, take care of the installations needed and advice you on how to properly use the different agents. For further information, reach out to your local Kiilto expert.