Clean act for the Environment – Kiilto Pro Natura

Natura is a marking that indicates sustainability and that the raw materials used are fossil-free and 100 % biodegradable. Our Kiilto Pro Natura range is born from a natural cycle without unnecessary load to the environment.

Plant-based and 100% biodegradable

In development of Natura labelled products, the whole life cycle has been considered. The life cycle from raw material to production, use, disposal and recycling is sustainable. High requirements are set not only on environmental friendliness but also on durability and quality.

Our customers love Kiilto Pro Natura because with Natura products they can reach their own environmental goals easily and enjoy the results of effective, durable and user-friendly products.

  • Certified: Nordic Swan Ecolabel & Allergy label
  • Sustainable without giving up on efficiency
  • Safe and user-friendly

Kiilto has developed the Natura certification as a solution towards circular economy. Kiilto’s professional cleaning products have carried the Nordic Swan Ecolabel already for a long time. It has strong criteria for user-safety and is an indication for user-friendly and environmentally safe but still effective products. Natura series is a step further, the products have the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and in addition they all are fragrance-free. Most of them also carry the Allergy label of the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation. The Allergy label is a certification for the Natura products that their potential to cause irritation or sensitation reactions is minimized.

Constantly growing product line

Kiilto wants to be a leader in environmental matters. R&D department is continuously developing and testing new product formulas that are made from fully renewable materials. At the moment the products in the Natura series include all-purpose cleaners, glass surface cleaners and a hand dishwashing detergent. Kiilto Pro Natura products are clearly identifiable by the green Natura label.

What is responsible sourcing of raw materials like? Kiilto’s criteria for raw materials are even stricter than usual

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What affects environment the most?

Raw materials

Sustainable production of raw materials has a huge impact on climate. Kiilto demands that all raw material suppliers are committed to sustainable raw material production.


Sustainable consumption decreases the climate impact. Dosing instructions and efficacy tests work as guidelines for sustainable consumption.

Circular economy

Resource effiency and circular economy. The whole idea of Kiilto Pro Natura is based on circular economy and all ingredients return to the cycle and can be re-used.

How are Kiilto Pro Natura products born? Learn about their chemistry!

Sustainable packaging affects the product’s carbon footprint

As a pioneer, Kiilto has recently developed a recycled plastic bottle for professional cleaning products. The idea is originated from a desire to offer not only eco-labelled products, but also a more nature-friendly packaging choice for customers.

Did you know, that a packaging made of recycled plastic can have up to 50% smaller carbon footprint compared to virgin packaging?

Many Kiilto Pro Natura products in 1-liter packaging size are packed in recycled plastic bottles, so when choosing Natura products customer can clearly make a more environmentally friendly choice. The aim is to increase the use of recycled plastic all the time. This is important since packaging materials have a large impact on the size of a product’s carbon footprint.

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