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Natura is a marking that indicates sustainability and that the raw materials used are fossil-free and biodegradable. Our Kiilto Pro Natura range is born from a natural cycle without unnecessary load to the environment.

What affects environment the most?

When selecting the focal point of our actions to sustain the environment, it is important to opt for elements with a significant impact. By concentrating on matters of the greatest effect, we can make a difference.

Raw materials

Sustainable production of raw materials has a huge impact on climate. Kiilto demands that all raw material suppliers are committed to sustainable raw material production.


Sustainable consumption decreases the climate impact. Dosing instructions and efficacy tests work as guidelines for sustainable consumption.

Circular economy

Resource efficiency and circular economy are crucial. The whole idea of Kiilto Pro Natura is based on circular economy and all ingredients return to the cycle and can be re-used.

Pioneering change through partnership and innovation

The environment is facing serious challenges. To change the direction of the development, we need innovation and action. ​In addition to our continuous work on Our Promise to the Environment, we are committed to being a partner that enables our customers to achieve their sustainability goals.

Much like its stakeholders, Kiilto aims to reduce emissions, use less virgin raw material and reduce waste every year – to mention a few aspects of our commitments. Kiilto invests a lot on RDI and our own experts are continuously trying to find different and better ways to do things. Through this innovative process, Kiilto Pro Natura was born.

Learn how Natura products are made

In development of Natura labelled products, we’ve considered the whole life cycle: raw material, production, use, disposal, and recycling. High requirements are set not only on environmental friendliness but also on safety and quality.

Certified solutions for responsible cleaning

Kiilto introduced the Natura certification as a solution towards circular economy. By choosing a product from the Kiilto Pro Natura range, you can trust that the entire supply chain has been carefully considered. Within one package, numerous sustainable choices are materialized.

  • Nordic Swan Ecolabel
  • Allergy label
  • Sustainable without compromising on efficiency
  • Safe and user-friendly

“Our customers choose Kiilto Pro Natura because with Natura products they can reach their own environmental goals easily and enjoy the results of effective, safe and user-friendly products.” – Tiina Laurén, Solutions Manager

Kiilto’s professional cleaning products have carried the Nordic Swan Ecolabel already for a long time. The certificate signifies environmentally friendly products with minimal climate impact throughout their life cycle. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel sets limitations on which product categories can apply for the ecolabel. All Natura products eligible for the certification have received it. ​

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel has strong criteria, but Natura series is a step further: all Natura products are fragrance-free. Most of them also carry the Allergy label of the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation. The Allergy label indicates that the product won’t ordinarily cause skin irritation or sensitization, or trigger fragrance sensitivity symptoms, allergies, or asthma reactions. While products use natural materials and are safe, it’s wise to follow instructions and use proper protective gear.

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Constantly growing product line

Kiilto aims to lead in environmental matters. RDI continuously develops and tests new product formulas that are made from fully renewable materials. The Natura series includes products for daily cleaning of various spaces, including cleaning glass and mirror surfaces, dishwashing, and cleansing surfaces in professional kitchens. Kiilto Pro Natura products are identified by the green Natura label.

Considering the complete carbon footprint

The carbon footprint of a product is influenced not only by the raw materials used, but also by where they come from, where they’re turned into the final product, and the way they’re packaged.

Did you know, that a packaging made of recycled plastic can have up to 50 % smaller carbon footprint compared to virgin packaging?

Kiilto Pro Natura packaging

As a pioneer, Kiilto has developed recycled plastic packaging for professional cleaning products. The idea originated from a desire to offer not only eco-labelled products, but also package them in a more environmentally concious way.

The packages of Kiilto Pro Natura products are made using recycled plastic where possible, always considering user safety.

  • Many products in 1-liter packaging use 100 % recycled plastic bottles
  • Same products in 5-liter canisters use 35 % recycled plastic
  • Spray nozzle bottles are also 100 % recycled plastic

The aim is to increase the use of recycled plastic all the time. This is important since packaging materials have a large impact on the size of a product’s carbon footprint.

Kiilto Pro Natura logistics

All the raw materials used in Natura products are renewable and come from nature. Kiilto sources the raw material as locally as possible to avoid long transportation distances and unnecessary carbon emissions.

All Natura products are manufactured in Finland – close to our customers in Finland, Scandinavia and Baltics. This intentional proximity again minimizes transportation needs, helping us mitigate unnecessary carbon emissions and reduce the overall carbon footprint of our products.

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