The most-read professional hygiene articles of 2023

As we say hello to 2024, it's time to uncover the articles that ignited conversations and captured attention across social platforms – and were the most-read content on our site during 2023. In this compilation, we present a curated selection of six articles that have resonated widely with our customers and stakeholders; each title is accompanied by a brief excerpt, offering a glimpse into the article.

Viking Glory’s daily operations are eased by a dispensing center for kitchens – take a peek behind the scenes of the climate-wise cruiser!

“Viking Glory, sailing through the postcard-like scenery of the Baltic Sea archipelago, is a flagship for a modern, more responsible era of cruise tourism. One of the world’s most climate-wise passenger ships offers its passengers a unique setting for experiential seafaring, without compromising on sustainability and safety – or the lavish dining experiences cruise ships are known and loved for.

Having made significant investments in technical solutions that reduce the environmental impact of cruise tourism, the designers of Viking Glory were looking for additional momentum from innovations to support the numerous restaurants on the ship. By streamlining and securing processes, the aim was to provide the restaurant professionals on board with effective tools for working as safely and effortlessly as possible, reducing both the workload and the environmental impact.”

A leading Swedish clinic trusts Kiilto’s Natura Product range

“Because the health care industry is tightly regulated in all aspects, investing in environmentally friendly solutions is not entirely straightforward. At RKC, environmental awareness is considered throughout the supply chain. —

To achieve their environmental goals, RKC implemented Kiilto’s innovative Kiilto Pro Fusion dosing system along with Kiilto Pro Vieno and Kiilto Pro Sanitop cleaning agents, that are part of Kiilto’s Natura -series, in the fall of 2022. The precise dosing provided by the Kiilto Pro Fusion dosing system helps optimize product usage and reduce consumption.”

Trailblazing the restaurant operations of tomorrow: Juvenes paves the way to a safer and more sustainable future

“The ripple effect of everyday choices is much more impressive than it might seem – especially when one decision is repeated thousands of times in a single day. At the heart of Juvenes, a provider of sustainable personnel and student restaurant services, is the mission to offer customers the chance to make impactful choices for the environment and collective well-being – all while enjoying a delicious meal. But how is the future of eco-conscious restaurant operations shaped?”

KiiltoClean Group appoints Aki Jääskeläinen as Managing Director: “I’m excited about spearheading a company I see as a true environmental leader.”

“Jääskeläinen has an extensive leadership and business management background covering Nordic and Baltic markets. His appointment will be effective starting 8 January 2024. — As a leader, Jääskeläinen puts strong emphasis on people, culture, and continuous improvement. “I am more than enthusiastic about my upcoming role and look forward to what we can achieve together. Kiilto has very strong shared values and a clear strategy ahead. That combined with extremely professional and engaged employees gives a solid foundation for the future. I couldn´t be happier to join that journey.”

Clean act for the environment – Kiilto Pro Natura

“The environment is facing serious challenges. To change the direction of the development, we need innovation and action. ​In addition to our continuous work on Our Promise to the Environment, we are committed to being a partner that enables our customers to achieve their sustainability goals.

Much like its stakeholders, Kiilto aims to reduce emissions, use less virgin raw material and reduce waste every year – to mention a few aspects of our commitments. Kiilto invests a lot on RDI and our own experts are continuously trying to find different and better ways to do things. Through this innovative process, Kiilto Pro Natura was born.”

Hygienic wet rooms

“Wet rooms, like washrooms, saunas and toilets, pool areas and locker room facilities, require a high standard in hygiene. A careful cleaning with the correct product and method will guarantee a good result.”