A leading Swedish clinic trusts Kiilto’s Natura product range

Ryggkirurgisk Centrum (RKC), a leading spinal surgical clinic in Sweden, sets the benchmark for a more sustainable healthcare landscape. Their commitments extend beyond providing top-quality patient experiences – they are committed to safeguarding the future. Decisions for a safer and more sustainable future are made every single day.

Located at Sophiahemmet in Stockholm, Ryggkirurgisk Centrum caters to a wide range of spinal and orthopedic health issues. From skilled surgeons to specialized nurses and physiotherapists, the dedicated team of RKC attends to up to 10,000 patients and performs over 1,500 complex surgeries annually. Ensuring timely patient care and prioritizing environmentally conscious choices guide all decisions made by this internationally renowned clinic.

Hélène Disinger, RKC’s Quality and Environment Manager, boasts over 30 years of experience in the field and has been instrumental in shaping RKC’s sustainable practices since 2017. As an internal auditor, she takes immense pride in RKC’s efforts to secure a greener future for healthcare.

“Our vision at RKC is to promote a more environmentally sustainable healthcare industry – providing top-quality, comprehensive care while minimizing our environmental impact,” she says. “By embracing sustainable practices, collaborating with like-minded partners, and committing to continuous improvements, RKC strives to set an example for other healthcare providers and contributes to a greener and healthier future.”

Jeremia Hartvigson from Kiilto and Hélène Disinger from RKC

Jeremia Hartvigson from Kiilto and RKC’s Hélène Disinger have found the co-operation productive, since they share the same goals regarding sustainability and hygiene levels.

The future of health care is created one practice at a time

Aiming to minimize their ecological footprint, providers of sustainable healthcare incorporate environmentally conscious practices and strategies into everyday processes. In 2018, RKC earned the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 quality certification and ISO 14001:2015 environmental certification for ensuring patient safety, enhancing customer experience, and striving for eco-friendly healthcare.

“As healthcare professionals, staying updated on the latest research, best practices, and technological advancements is crucial,” Disinger emphasizes. “In essence, sustainable healthcare balances providing top-quality healthcare services and protecting the environment, fostering a healthier and sustainable future for both healthcare and the planet.”

RKC’s ambitious environmental policy is a matter for the entire staff, from rigorous research to practical everyday actions, with a profound ripple effect.

“Committing to sustainable and eco-friendly healthcare is evident in everything we do – from comprehensive recycling programs and waste reduction to prioritizing eco-conscious cleaning and disinfecting agents or investing in energy-efficient technologies,” Disinger reveals. “We also provide regular training sessions and workshops to educate our staff about sustainable healthcare practices. This includes raising awareness about energy conservation, waste reduction, and the importance of environmentally friendly approaches in their daily work.”

Efficiency and safety meet responsibility

Because the health care industry is tightly regulated in all aspects, investing in environmentally friendly solutions is not entirely straightforward. At RKC, environmental awareness is considered throughout the supply chain.

“Healthcare relies on complex global supply chains for medications, medical devices, and other resources. Ensuring sustainability throughout these supply chains, encompassing responsible sourcing, ethical production, and waste reduction, can be a challenge,” Disinger points out. “Effective collaboration and transparency among suppliers are crucial.”

See Kiilto Pro Natura products in action. The video also demonstrates an ATP test performed in the operating room, where the surface cleaned using Kiilto Pro MD Des IPA 45+ receives a score of 8, well below the maximum limit of 20 required for an operating room.

To achieve their environmental goals, RKC implemented Kiilto’s innovative Kiilto Pro Fusion dosing system along with Kiilto Pro Vieno and Kiilto Pro Sanitop cleaning agents, that are part of Kiilto’s Natura -series, in the fall of 2022. The precise dosing provided by the Kiilto Pro Fusion dosing system helps optimize product usage and reduce consumption.

“The decision to switch to the Kiilto Pro Fusion dosing system, combined with the use of plant-based Kiilto Pro Vieno and Kiilto Pro Sanitop cleaning agents, reflects a strategic choice to align with sustainable and environmentally friendly practices,” says Disinger. “Kiilto is a natural fit as a partner for RKC as we share the same values of quality, safety, and continuous improvements towards promoting sustainable development.”

RKC also adopted the Kiilto Pro CE-marked disinfectants to comply with the new standards for medical devices, which require the use of CE-marked disinfectants for all medical equipment.

Kiilto Pro Natura – one package encompasses numerous responsible choices

Kiilto is well-versed not only in the criteria of the healthcare and professional hygiene sectors but also the challenges and opportunities. The packaging waste accumulated by cleaning products is certainly one challenge, but on the other hand, renewable raw materials offer an opportunity to reduce the environmental burden.

“The increased use of recycled plastic and circular economy solutions have already significantly reduced energy waste,” illustrates Tiina Laurén, Kiilto’s Professional Cleaning Solution Manager. “We need to seek raw materials produced locally to minimize transportation emissions while establishing logistically sensible connections and low-emission transportation methods.”

The range of renewable raw materials is constantly expanding, enabling the development of a broader Kiilto Pro Natura cleaning agent selection.

According to Laurén, the field of professional hygiene must continue to persistently strive for more efficient circular solutions and carbon neutrality in the future.

“We have a fantastic opportunity to contribute to shared environmental goals,” says Laurén with enthusiasm. “The range of renewable raw materials is constantly expanding, enabling the development of a broader Kiilto Pro Natura cleaning agent selection and the introduction of new environmental innovations to our customers.”

While finding safe and effective solutions is undoubtedly the primary focus in healthcare, decades of development and research in collaboration with customers have resulted in uncompromising environmentally friendly solutions. Kiilto’s Promise to the Environment is evident in the Kiilto Pro Natura range.

“The products in the Kiilto Pro Natura range are made from fossil-free, biodegradable, and renewable raw materials, ensuring that their use does not contribute to increased carbon dioxide levels. The packages are made using recycled plastic, always considering user safety,” elaborates Laurén proudly. “When choosing the Kiilto Pro Natura range, our partners can trust that the entire chain, from raw materials to production, usage, and disposal of the product, has been carefully considered from an environmental perspective. One package encompasses numerous responsible choices.”

Kiilto Pro Natura

  • Made from fossil-free, biodegradable, and renewable materials.
  • The entire life cycle from raw materials, production, use, disposal, to recycling has been considered. High requirements are set not only on environmental friendliness but also on safety and quality.
  • The packages of Kiilto Pro Natura products are made using recycled plastic where possible, always considering user safety.

In co-operation with: RKC Text: Mira Ahola Edit: Kiilto Images: Mikko Uosukainen