Dry fumigation based on hydrogen peroxide is an efficient, even sporicidal disinfection method for hard and soft surfaces in closed areas, such as rooms, work spaces, cabins, ambulances etc. The method does not require sealing the doors or turning down the air conditioning, but during fumigation and contact time the premises can not be entered. Disinfection time: Nebulization (the device is audible for this period of time) is followed by withdrawal time depending on the size of the space of 30 min - 1 hr. The device dispenses Nocolyse disinfectant according to priorly defined room volum, 1 ml / cubic meter. Dosing: 1-7 ml/m³. When >5 ml/m³ dosage is used, withdrawal time is 2 h.

Nocospray/Nocolyse fumigation is recommended as an after cleaning procedure. Under special circumstances, eg. if the purpose is to prevent exposure of personnel, fumigation can be done before manual cleaning procedures.


Product pH: 4.5

Appearance and scent

Clear, colorless liquid

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code
6 x 1 l 8078

Warm storage, >5 °C, <25°C. Unopened package 2 years from production Once opened, use the product within 2 months. Mark the date on the bottle.

Instructions for use

Release the bottle and device combining Y- shaped part from the Nocospray device. Open the safety cap of Nocolyse 1 L bottle. Wear protective gloves when handling the disinfectant. Place the hose of combiner into the bottle and make sure to connect the bottle tightly. Then place the fixed part back to the Nocospray device.

Nocospray fumigation:
Connect the power cord of Nocospray device and an electrical outlet. Place the device preferably in a corner of the room. Place the Nocotest stripes. Evaluate volume of the space and select correct value (from 50 to 1000 cubic meters). Then turn the device on. During warning sounds (10 seconds) leave the room and close the door. The door does not need to be sealed and air conditioning normally needs no special attention. After fumigation (audible noise) and as such the contact time let the room remain closed for at least 30 minutes (withdrawal period). For more than 500 m³ areas recommended precautionary period is 1 hour. Make sure the treated area is not entered/visited during this time. After this, the room is available for normal use.

Nocotest Strips: Before fumigation moisten the strips with tapwater and place them in locations where the disinfection seems to be difficult. Strips will change color when the required amount of hydrogen peroxide is achieved.

Environment and safety

When released, hydrogen peroxide becomes water and oxygen. The containers are made of HDPE, recyclable plastic.


Safety instructions of the product safety data sheet. Use protective gloves. If risk of splashing, protect the eyes.

Ingredient Effect
Hydrogen peroxide (6 %) disinfectant
Silver (17 ppm) catalyst