WipeClean Alco Free Disinfection
Disinfection Wipe

An alcohol-free disinfectant cloth for disinfecting surfaces and medicinal appliances. Package contains 25 cloths.

Special features

Broad-spectrum disinfectant mixture, effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses, spores, tuberculosis and mycobacteria. The microbiocidal effect of the mixture has been studied: Bacteria: EN 13727 (1min), EN 13697 (1min), EN 16615 (1 min), fungi: EN 13624 (2min), EN 13697 (yeasts, 2 min), EN 16615 (yeasts, 1min), viruses: EN 14476 (norovirus and adenovirus, 1 min), tuberculosis and mycobacteria EN 14348 (1 min), spore effectiveness EN 13704 (2 min).

Non-woven wipe, 50 gsm (1 m* 1m) 100% polyester, effectively releases the disinfectant for use. The soft and suitably thick material effectively cleans and moistens the surfaces to be disinfected. Cloth size 20 × 30 cm.

The package is easy to open and reclose. The cover section has an area where the date of first use can be written. The maximum package life is 6 months.




For the disinfection of surfaces that can withstand wet mopping and non-invasive medical devices in healthcare; for professional use. Classification in addition to the medical status of the device: PT2 and PT4 biocidal product for professional use.

Appearance and scent

White towel material, mild fragrance

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN Packaging type
20 x 25 pcs 5203 5701684520321 Wipes

Store the packaging in a dry area not subject to freezing and protected from direct sunlight. Shelf life: 3 years at room temperature

Environment and safety

Not recommended for use on natural rubber or cardboard surfaces. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for disinfection before using the product. Use safety gloves.

Serious incidents in relation to Alco Free wipes are to be reported to asiakaspalvelu@kiilto.com and the local medical device authority.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

The cloth material is polyester. The outer material of the package is PET/PE plastic. The cloth package and cloths can be disposed of as energy waste or community waste.

Ingredient Effect
DDAC (6,4 g/kg) Disinfectant
Triamine (5,31 g/kg) Disinfectant