Kiilto Pro Easydes
Cleaning Disinfectant

Kiilto Pro Easydes is an ethanol-based ready-to-use and fast acting disinfectant cleaner for surface disinfection of non-invasive medical devices and high-touch surfaces.

Special features

  • CE marked medical device, class IIa, NB 0537

An ethanol based disinfectant composition containing cleaning ingredients. Microbicidal efficacy is of wide spectrum, quick-acting, tolerates organic stress well. Efficiently destroys germs, viruses and fungi. The disinfecting efficacy is also achieved on visibly contaminated surfaces. Removes dirt and grease well.

The microbicidal effectiveness of the product has been verified with EN- standard tests: EN 13727 (bacteria), EN 13697 (bacteria, fungi, yeasts), EN 13624 (yeasts), EN 14348 (tuberculosis and mycobacteria), EN 14476 (adeno- and noroviruses), EN 14561 (bacteria), EN 14562 (fungi, yeasts), EN 14563 (mycobacteria and tuberculosis), EN 16615 with One System Basic-wipes and Kiilto Pro Easydes Wipes.




Kiilto Pro Easydes is an effective microbicide and a ready-to-use, fast acting disinfectant cleaner for surface disinfection of medical devices and high-touch surfaces, which are critical, when it comes to infection control.

Kiilto Pro Easydes can be used for disinfecting all materials which tolerate alcohols. It also has excellent compatibility with most plastic materials, including the materials used in dental care sector.

Medical device. For professional use.


Product pH: 10

Appearance and scent

Clear liquid, ethanol scent

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN
3 x 5 l 8083 6417964080834
6 x 500 ml 8081 6417964080810

3 yrs, room temperature.

Instructions for use

A ready-to-use solution. Dosing: Moisten the cloth/single use wipe with Kiilto Pro Easydes, please note there is enough liquid to wet the surface of equipment in need of disinfection. Wipe the surface throughly and carefully. Most often no pre-washing or rinsing of is necessary. When the disinfectant has evaporated and the surface has dried, disinfection has taken place.

With One System Basic wipe dispenser: use the moinstened wipes within 28 days (EN16615).

Environment and safety

Serious incidents in relation to Kiilto Pro Easydes cleaning disinfectant are to be reported to and the local medical device authority (Fimea in Finland).

BPR: PT 2 and PT 4.
Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Safety instructions of the product safety data sheet.

The packaging is made of PE-HD plastic, which is an environmentally friendly, fully recyclable material that may be disposed of by burning. Liquid is biodegradable. The used wipes are disposed as hospital waste.


Follow the instructions given by manufacturers of medical devices and equipment to be disinfected.
In case of Clostridium difficile epidemies use Kiilto Pro Erisan Oxy+ disinfectant is recommended, as spores can not be inactivated with ethanol based products.

Ingredient Effect
Ethanol (60 p-%) Biocide
Tertiary butanol (< 2 %) Denaturation agent
Quaternary ammonium chloride (< 0,5 %) Biocide, cleaning properties
Alkylamine (< 0,5 %) Biocide