Kiilto Pro Erisan Oxy+

An effective hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid disinfectant in single-use sachets. For non-invasive medical devices, healthcare textile materials and body fluid stain disinfection. Granulated powder activates in water solution.

Special features

  • CE marked medical device, class IIa, NB 0537

A 50 g single-dose sachet is easy to use. Granulated powder does not dust and easily dissolves in warm water. Disinfection takes place through an oxidation reaction, which is based on hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid.

The product is suitable for sensitive surfaces and materials. It is suitable for pre-disinfection of invasive devices and instruments before automated washing and disinfection. Oxide-relasing producst are not compatible with copper, silver and brass.

The 50 g single-dose pack makes it easy to mix a solution of the desired strength (2-5%).

The microbicidal effectiveness of Kiilto Pro Erisan Oxy+ as a disinfectant has been verified by tests:
EN 13727 bacteria
EN 13697 bacteria and fungi
EN 13624 fungi
EN 14348 tuberculosis and mycobacteria
EN 17126 spores (Clostridium difficile) - replacing EN 13704
EN 14476 virus (noro-, adeno- and poliovirus)
EN 14561 bacteria
EN 14562 yeast
EN 14563 tuberculosis and mycobacteria
EN 16615 bacteria and yeast
EN 16616 (60 C°disinfection of textiles : bactericidal, fungicidal and mycobactericidal efficacy, 40 C° tested with Staph. aureus).

The product has a high level disinfection efficacy (see the chart, instructions for use).

Instructions for use: Prepare the solution in clean and warm (30-40°C) water. Mixing speeds up the dissolution of powder. Once the powder has dissolved, the disinfectant is ready to use. Replace the used solution daily.

Clean, unused solutions can be used up to: 2 % for 7 days, 5 % 2 days.




Healthcare area: Surface and instrument disinfection, for blood and secretion stain disinfection - for medical devices and equipment and critical surfaces.

The product is ideal for disinfecting healthcare textile materials at 40-60 ° C in normal length washing programs.

It is also suitable for the disinfection of dentures and efficient dental suction systems.

Kiilto Pro Erisan Oxy+ can be used as a disinfecting detergent in ultrasonic washers.

Medical device. For professional use.


Solution pH: 7.5

Appearance and scent

White granules, dissolved in water

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN
1 x 50 x 50 g 8116 6417964081152

Shelf life 2,5 yrs. 5 - 25°C

Instructions for use

Wipe contaminated surfaces with a cloth/single-use-wipe moistened with the disinfectant solution. Rinse surfaces after disinfection if necessary.

Instructions for specific use areas are listed in the chart.

 Area of ApplicationConcentration

Disinfection of surfaces, medical devices

Body fluid stain disinfection

5 %


Bacteria, norovirus and adenovirus, yeasts, fungi 2min.

Remove body fluid and wipe the surface with solution, Bactericidal, yeasticidal, noro- and adenoviruse, 5 minutes.

Disinfection of instruments (immersion), and denture
2%, 5%Bacteria, mycobacteria, noro- and adenovirus, yeasts 2% 30 min or 5% 15 min in a covered container. Rinse the instruments with clean water. Change the used dilution daily or more often, if needed.
High level disinfection
5 %30 min (also polio and spores), rinse with clean water or sterile aqua
Ultrasonic cleaning
2%, 5 %1-5 min washing cycle, total soaking time 15 min. Change the used dilution daily
Dental suction units
5 %Use 1 l ready-made solution, rinse next morning
Washing and disinfecting  textiles

0,5 %

Washing machine, 40 – 60°C with  normal washing cycle/5 kg laundry 

1 pack and c. ½ amount of washing powder in the doser/ 5 kg

Environment and safety

Serious incidents in relation to Erisan Oxy+ disinfectant are to be reported to and the local medical device authority.

Read the safety and protection instructions of the product safety data sheet.

Biodegradable. Recyclable packaging.


Erisan Oxy+ Concentration Shelf life
1 pack/2,5 l water 2 % 1 week
1 pack /1 l water 5 % 2 days

Some foaming occurs in the surface of the solution when dissolving. Prepare the solution in a large enough container. While preparing a 5 l canister of 2 % solution, measure c. 2,5 l of lukewarm water, pour two sachets of Kiilto Pro Erisan Oxy+ in the canister and let dissolve. After the granules have dissolved, add rest of the water (2,5 l). Close the cap lightly, as some carbon dioxide will be released from the solution.

Follow the instructions given by manufacturer of devices product is used for.

Do not use product if solidified.