Kiilto Pro Erisan Des
Surface disinfectant

Kiilto Pro Erisan Des is developed for the special needs of the health care sector: for surface and body fluid stain disinfection, for cleaning and disinfection of examination and nursing utensils, for equipment and instrument disinfection and for surface disinfection, as well as for equipment and instrument disinfection in dental care.

Special features

  • CE marked medical device, class IIa, NB 0537

Effective, quick-acting disinfectant with good cleaning properties, endures well organic load. The active ingredients are carefully selected didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride (quaternaryammonium compound), bis (3-aminopropyl) dodecyl amine (alkyl amine), and phenoxy ethanol. As a result of their synergistic action, bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal effect is achieved.

The efficacy of the disinfectant Kiilto Pro Erisan Des has been proven by a wide range of tests (tested dilution in
EN 13727 (bactericidal effect) 5 min (1%)
EN 13624 (yeasticidal) 5 min (1%)
EN 14476 (enveloped virus) 2 min (1%)
EN14476 (Murine Norovirus) 60 min (5%)
EN 14561 (bactericidal effect/immersion) 30 min (1%)
EN 14562 (yeasticidal effect/immersion) 30 min (1%)
EN 16615 (bactericidal/yeasticidal effect) 1 min (2%)

Also tested:
EN 13697 (bactericidal effect) 5 min (0,5%)
EN 13697 (fungicidal effect) 15 min (0,5% yeast, 1% fungi)




Cleaning and disinfecting of health care surfaces, as a washing disinfectant in ultrasonic washing machines, for body fluid stain disinfection.

Disinfecting cleaning of non-invasive instruments and utensils (immersion). May also be used for pre-disinfection of invasive instruments, followed by washing and sterilization.

Surface disinfection of dental care units and apparatus, and for instrument maintenance (including ultrasonic cleaning) in accordance with hygiene requirements.

Use as 2-5 % dilution for immersion, surface disinfection and with ultrasonic baths.

Kiilto Pro Erisan Des has been tested for sensitive materials, such as aluminium, rubber and various types of plastics.

Medical device, for professional use.


Product pH: 11
Solution pH: 10

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN
12 x 500 ml 8126 6417964081268
3 x 3 l 8127 6417964081275

At room temperature, shelf life 3 yrs. Do not freeze.

Instructions for use

Prepare the dilution with clean, cool water. For medical inventory and instrument disinfection, use a basin with a lid for soaking and comply with the soaking time advised to avoid material damage. Prepare a fresh dilution once or twice a week, depending on soiling of the liquid.

Unused, clean solution and in One System Basic wipe dispenser the liquid can be used within a period of four weeks.



Kiilto Pro Erisan Des




Surface disinfection


10 ml

490 ml

 1 min

Rinse if needed

Body fluid stain disinfection


25 ml

475 ml

 1 min


Equipment disinfection


  drill bits





20 ml

50 mm

980 ml

950 ml

30 min

60 min

30 min




Ultrasound washer



50 ml


950 ml

980 ml

 30 min

Immersion for 30 min. Rinse 

Environment and safety

Serious incidents in relation to Kiilto Pro Erisan Des disinfectant are to be reported to and the local medical device authority.


It is adviceable to rinse the treated surfaces daily/weekly with water or use a mild, non-ionic cleaner detergent.
In case of Clostridium Difficile epidemies use of Kiilto Pro Erisan Oxy+ Disinfectant is recommended.

Ingredient Effect
Didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride (5-15%) Biocide
2-phenoxyethanol (5-15 %) Biocide
Isopropanol (<5%) Biocide
Non-ionic surfactants (< 5%) Cleaning properties