Introduction to latest Kiilto Pro Natura additions: 3 new products that help you clean more sustainably

The Natura series, designed for environmentally sound cleaning across various spaces, has grown further this autumn. We are delighted to introduce three new additions to the expanding Natura product range: Kiilto Pro Soaking Eco, a liquid soaking agent; Kiilto Pro Kosti Non-Perfumed, a wet room cleaner; and Kiilto Pro Sointu Spa, a foaming wet room cleaner.

New Natura options for wet room cleaning

Kiilto Pro Kosti has been a trusted wet room cleaner for years already, and we’ve developed a non-perfumed, renewable formula of it to be a part of the Natura product range. The previously familiar scented version also remains in our selection.

Kiilto Pro Sointu Spa, also a well-known wet room cleaner, has undergone a formula upgrade to not only enhance efficiency but also be a better choice for the environment. With these updates, Kiilto Pro Sointu Spa now meets the criteria set for Kiilto Pro Natura products in Kiilto’s product development. Wet areas like washrooms, toilets, and saunas require a high standard in hygiene – now this can be achieved with environmentally sound Natura cleaning agents.

Hygienic wet rooms

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New Natura-labelled soaking detergent for professional kitchens

Kiilto Pro Soaking Eco, carrying the Natura label as well, is a new product designed for professional kitchens. The soaking agent is made from renewable ingredients and it’s effective for soaking grease, starch, as well as dried or baked-on food residues from dishes before machine dishwashing.

With the addition of Kiilto Pro Soaking Eco, the Natura series now offers a comprehensive selection of biodegradable cleaning agents for professional kitchens, from hand dishwashing, general cleaning, small appliance descaling to soaking and pre-washing of dishes as well.

We’re committed to continuous research and development

At Kiilto, we are committed to leading the way in environmental responsibility while supporting our customers in achieving their sustainability objectives. Our RDI team consistently works on developing and testing new product formulas crafted from biodegradable and fully renewable, natural materials.

One innovative result of this process is the Kiilto Pro Natura product range and the new additions to it. Kiilto Pro Natura -products quickly break down into carbon dioxide and water and do not form persistent compounds that would be harmful for the nature. High requirements are set not only on environmental friendliness but also on safety and quality.

By choosing Kiilto Pro Natura, you are not only investing in effective cleaning solutions but also contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly future. Explore the full range of Kiilto Pro Natura labelled products and take a step towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. Discover the perfect balance between efficacy and environmental responsibility – find all Natura labelled products here!

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