Kiilto Pro Natura products for cleanliness that respects the environment

Kiilto’s goal of environmental leadership means that it is continuously developing its products to be more responsible and environmentally sustainable. The cleaning agents in the Kiilto Pro Natura professional product range are a concrete example of this work.

Kiilto has been using a variety of plant-based and biodegradable raw materials for a long time and was one of the first companies in the hygiene sector to earn the Nordic Swan Ecolabel more than 20 years ago. Kiilto aims to double the renewable and recyclable raw material content of its products by 2022. Kiilto Pro Natura products are the next step in this work.

“Environmentally-friendly chemistry is also a broader trend resulting from the limited nature of the Earth’s natural resources. Circular economy is a rising trend in many sectors, including the chemical industry. It’s great for us to be an important part of this development in our own industry”, says Tiina Laurén, Solutions Manager for Kiilto’s professional cleaning agents.

Natura cleaning agents are made from plant-based raw materials that are renewable and rapidly biodegradable. The raw materials and packaging materials used in the Natura product range are circulating in their own cycles. The product range includes all-purpose cleaning agents, cleaning agents for glass surfaces, and washing-up liquid.

All Kiilto Pro Natura products that meet the Swan Ecolabel criteria carry the label. The label indicates that the product is a better choice for the environment and safe for its user. Like more and more Kiilto cleaning agents, Kiilto Pro Natura products are also fragrance-free and carry the Allergy Label granted by the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation. The Allergy Label means that the products have been subjected to independent analysis and proven safe to use. The products do not contain perfumes or other commonly irritating or sensitising substances.

“The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is highly valued by customers and is often considered a mandatory product requirement. The importance of the label shows that users want concrete proof that both the environment and user safety have been taken into account. For us, this means higher sales of products carrying the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Measured in kilograms, 73 per cent of the professional cleaning products we sell carry the label”, Laurén says.

Renewable packaging materials

Kiilto cleaning agents are packaged in recyclable polyethylene plastic packaging. After use, empty and rinsed packaging can be taken to a recycling centre where it is melted into plastic granules. These will then be used to produce new packaging and other plastic products. In recent years, Kiilto has worked together with its customers to organise pilot projects to cut down on plastic waste. For example, in 2019, Kiilto helped the Moomin World theme park to recycle its plastic waste.

In addition to the cleaning agent itself, the environmental responsibility of Kiilto Pro Natura products extends to the packaging material. Kiilto has worked together with its packaging manufacturer to develop a recyclable plastic bottle for professional cleaning agents. The one-litre plastic bottles contain at least 50 per cent recycled plastic. At the moment, the Kiilto Window for cleaning glass surfaces and the Kiilto Pluscelan all-purpose cleaning agent are packaged in recycled plastic bottles. Many other Kiilto professional cleaning products are also packaged in the one-litre recycled plastic bottle. 

“The use of recycled plastic bottles began with the one-litre bottles for Natura products, but we are aiming to increase the use of recycled plastic bottles and expand their use to other packaging sizes. Environmental considerations are generally becoming more and more important in professional cleaning. The limited availability of crude oil and its harmfulness to the environment certainly also contribute to the increasing use of recycled plastic”, Laurén says.

Kiilto’s product development is constantly looking for environmentally more efficient raw materials and packaging. Our aim is that by 2025, 70 per cent of Kiilto’s packaging will consist of reusable, recycled or renewable materials.

Kiilto Pro Natura products are easily identifiable by their green Natura logo.