How are Kiilto Pro Natura products born?

Kiilto Pro Natura range is born from a natural cycle without unnecessary load to the environment. Natura is a certification for sustainability, all raw materials in the products are plant-based and 100 % biodegradable.

Kiilto Pro Natura is based on circular economy and is a step towards sustainable future. In general, the biggest impact on nature comes from a detergent’s raw materials, packaging and from how it is used. Raw materials in Kiilto Pro Natura products are renewable which means that they originate from nature. Kiiltos Product Development Manager Heidi Kähkönen has worked closely in developing Kiilto Pro Natura and tells about the chemistry:

“Kiilto Pro Natura products are made of biomass and plant waste, typical raw material is plant waste from for example corn and sugar beet. The raw materials are biodegradable which means that they do not form system compounds that would be harmful to the nature.”

Renewable means that a new plant will grow instead of the used plant. Biodegradable means that product is breaking down into carbon dioxide and water in a short time. Kiilto Pro Natura raw materials are both renewable and 100 % biodegradable.

“Kiilto Pro Natura products are also granted the Nordic Swanlabel which is a certification for environmentally friendly, safe and efficient products. Nordic Swan labeling meets strict environmental criteria based on lifecycle thinking. Kiilto Pro Natura is proven effective and sustainable.”

Watch an introduction to the Natura products and their chemistry on the video: