Work is meaningful if you can have an impact

A large company in the chemical industry needs to fill many kinds of roles and job descriptions. Sales Manager Mikko Ruhtinas works in Kiilto's business unit for Professional cleanliness and hygiene.

Sales Manager Mikko Ruhtinas has worked his whole career in the field of technochemistry, more specifically at Kiilto, a company that manufactures detergents and cleaning agents. Ruhtinas has been with the company for 12 years and he has also worked as a Key Customer Manager along the way.

His day-to-day work takes him across the different sectors of the Professional hygiene business unit.

A good salesperson also knows when to ask for help

The job description of Mikko Ruhtinas’ current title of Sales Manager is not limited to actual sales work but he also acts as supervisor to the 15 people working in the unit. Ruhtinas also handles the large clients assigned to him and is responsible for making offers for his unit.

These days, calls for bids often require specific reports on the characteristics and raw material contents of the products, and these details are only mastered by Business Development Managers and people responsible for product development. One person cannot remember everything, and he does not have to.

– One person cannot remember everything, and he does not have to. Knowing who to turn to when I need help is crucial.

– Knowing who to turn to when I need help is the most crucial aspect of my work. We get a lot of calls for bids from customers in both the public and private sectors. Compiling an offer for a large potential acquisition is especially challenging and requires the work and expertise of several people. I lead the offer process in-house and take care that the bid is compiled quickly, Mikko Ruhtinas says about his work.

The people of Kiilto are also very service-minded when it comes to internal matters: despite time pressures, everyone brings their part to the table.

– You don’t have to be shy about asking for help: we see the importance of each other’s work very clearly so people are only too happy to help a colleague in need.

The chance to make an impact gives the work meaning

Kiilto is not just a job for Ruhtinas, it is also a community.

– We have an encouraging atmosphere here and we think well of our co-workers. I also receive positive feedback from customers and colleagues.

– Kiilto’s company culture has a lot going for it. I’m in good company when I’m with my workmates: this is a good place to work.

For Ruhtinas, it is important to be able to bring his own contribution to bear in the development of the company and its customer relationships.

– I have to make an impact in my work, and my current role has that built-in. I’m also happy with the other aspects of my job: I do things I’m good at and I have the traits required by my role. It is rewarding to feel that your work is meaningful for the entire company.

First and foremost, sales means problem solving for the customer’s benefit

Mikko Ruhtinas is also motivated by the diversity in his work. Days rarely follow the same patterns and his desk is constantly stacked with a variety of things to do.

– I get to truly help the customers and experience genuine successes: when we win a call for bids, for example, or if we get new clients, it feels good to know that the group’s joint efforts are bearing actual fruit. I am also inspired by the solutions we develop for our customers. You often get to see the added value we bring to a customer in a very real way.