Meet Katariina, Marketing Specialist, Finland

Katariina Leskinen joined Kiilto as a Marketing Specialist for our Construction business area in November 2022. She looks forward to developing the digital customer experience of a traditional industry using social media to reach new audiences.

What does your role at Kiilto involve?

My current focus is on the Construction business here in Finland. To grow the awareness of Kiilto Pro, our brand for Professionals. And to win greater brand loyalty by serving our customers and their end-customers more effectively.

One specific project I’m excited to work on involves gamification. How it relates to one of our tile grouts, for example. This digital approach can help ‘relaunch’ familiar products for our customers to get to know on a deeper level. Our goal is to make our customers feel more connected to our brand and specific products and services.

I also will be supporting the other Kiilto countries with social media. We know using different digital channels can be confusing. But our hope is to have a more unified social presence in our local markets that’s easier to engage with.

Describe the first impressions of your team.

My team is full of big personalities. We are all quite straightforward and say things as they are. We laugh, a lot, sharing a similar sense of humour. This makes it easy to ask help, exchange ideas and feel welcomed. We genuinely have fun together, I feel. That’s how we get to know each other quicker.

How do your interests contribute to your current role at Kiilto?

My first job was at my grandfather’s and dad’s family business where I was an office assistant for their HVAC engineering company. This exposed me at an early age to how construction affects the quality of our everyday lives. Like indoor air.

If you know me, you also know that I love TikTok. I’m afraid to admit that I spend up to 2 hours a day on the platform. Sometimes just scrolling. But other times, I pay close attention to how it’s used as a marketing tool, especially for younger segments.

The construction industry is changing, and with new jobs come new people. My interests motivate me to breakthrough to this fresh group of professionals who are looking for inspiration in their field of work.

In your opinion, what’s the best way to show that Customer is king?

To help our customers and their customers succeed. We want to serve them. Whether it’s educating them or giving them greater access to product information to make their jobs easier. We want to be that go-to-person or website when someone has a question.

How do you recharge outside work?

The gym, food, and fashion.

I love to put my AirPods in, listen to my own music, and just clear my head at the gym afterwork. I want to keep my body moving when I can. It helps my blood flow better and stuff. Haha.

As they say, a girl’s got to eat. People call me a foodie. I love trying out new restaurants I’ve spotted online. Places with a nice ambiance – where you can catch up with your friends over a good meal.

It’s no surprise I’m a visual person, given my love for all things social media. So I also enjoy following hot, new trends in fashion in addition to food and work-related topics. I love how you can express yourself and your personality with clothes. I now shop more second-hand. Not only is it more sustainable. But I also treat it like a scavenger hunt. The dopamine rush when you find something vintage and designer is hard to beat.

What should be said aloud more often?

This might not be what you’re looking for. You know, a quote for your bedroom wall. But I’d say people should give more compliments to each other. Maybe you’re sensing a theme with me. I try to be outspoken no matter the setting and focus on positive things to say. Strangers included.

Why Kiilto?

I’ve always wanted to work with a strong and well-known brand. Plus, Kiilto has that family business atmosphere that I enjoyed working for in the past.