Seeking new digital opportunities

Service Development Manager Saku Haukijärvi is looking for ways in which professional hygiene can be promoted with digital solutions. Development work is carried out together with the customers.

Haukijärvi has been involved in developing Kiilto Pro Hygimon, a new automatic hand hygiene monitoring service that can be used in hospitals, for example.

“In the service, disinfectant dispensers have sensors that keep track of the number of times they have been used and the amount of disinfectant that has been dispensed. Different staff groups also have identifiers that indicate how often, say, doctors and nurses disinfect their hands. Unlike spot checks, Kiilto Pro Hygimon provides hand hygiene data 24/7. This is more accurate than what can be achieved by means of traditional inventory volumes.”

The better the hand hygiene in hospitals, the fewer infections there are.

Customers taking part in the innovation

Haukijärvi emphasises that innovation at Kiilto takes place with the customer as the focus.

“Everything starts from the customer’s needs, to which we try to find a solution together.” 

For example, Kiilto Pro Hygimon has been tested and developed further in a customer pilot project at Turku University Hospital. A similar project is currently in progress in Norway, and soon another one will be starting in Sweden.

Digital professional hygiene services are in demand not only in health care but also in, for example, catering services and the food industry – and in industry in general.

“The scale of our operations extends from the remote monitoring of dispensing and washing systems to various training and documentation and reporting services.”

Important work

Haukijärvi, who has an international degree in trade and marketing, has been working for Kiilto practically throughout his 15-year career. His previous positions in the company included logistics and purchasing. 

“I’ve just loved it here. My co-workers are nice, and I’ve been able to build my career path on the basis of my interests.”

He says he enjoys his current job, because he learns so much new all the time and gets in contact with new things, industries, companies and people. 

“But the best thing is when we can help companies solve their problems and be more efficient. Our job is also very important, because cleanliness contributes to wellbeing.”

Innovation also during leisure time

During his free time, Haukijärvi relaxes by fishing.

“Fishing provides the ideal balance to work. Although I easily slip into innovation mode. I start wondering which kind of lure would be the best for any given situation,” he says with a laugh.