Kiilto Pro Kisu Bt
Primer for Concrete Floor

Kiilto Kisu BT fills the pores of porous floor materials, making the surface smooth. Kiilto Kisu BT treated surface is recommended to be polished.

Special features

  • Fills the pores of the surface
  • Does not form a visible film on the surface
  • Prevents stains from absorbing into the floor material
  • The treatment cannot be removed with ordinary wax removal methods

Kiilto Kisu BT fills the pores of the surface and does not form a visible film on the surface. Kiilto Kisu BT prevents dirt from being absorbed into the floor material. The treatment cannot be removed by conventional polish removal methods.




Basic treatment agent for porous surface materials, such as mosaic concrete and unglazed stone material. Can also be used for impregnating old and very porous linoleum floors. Not suitable for dry-pressed tiles.


Product pH: 8

Appearance and scent

White liquid.

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN
3 x 5 l T7079.005 6417964707953

Warm storage.

Instructions for use

The surface to be treated must be porous, clean and dry. If the surface is too non-porous or dirty, Kiilto Kisu BT will not absorb and comes off after drying. Absorption can also be prevented by an oil-based stone treatment agent previously applied to the floor. Please note that very porous floorings require a long (up to 24 hours) drying time after cleaning.

Turn underfloor heating off well in advance of application. Apply one layer of Kiilto Kisu BT with floor squeegee and let it absorb. Wipe unabsorbed substance off. Do not use excessive amounts of the product, it must absorb completely into the surface material. If necessary, apply a second layer. If Kisu BT forms a visible layer on the surface, it can be removed immediately after drying by washing it with e.g. Kiilto Linol, dosage 1 dl/1 l water, or simply let to wear off.
Once dry, a floor treated with Kiilto Kisu BT can be waxed with e.g. Kiilto waxes.

Drying time 1–24 hours. Covers 25–50 m²/1 l.

Environment and safety

Protective gloves must be used. Take care of good ventilation in the working area. In case of eye contact, rinse with copious water, and then contact a doctor.


The product can freeze.