Improving hand hygiene compliance in hospitals

Hand hygiene is among the key factors to reduce the spreading of infections in health care. While washing or disinfecting hands can be seen as a simple action to take, hand hygiene noncompliance is a recognized challenge. Kiilto is taking part in building safer care by supporting health care providers and their infection control teams towards improvements. Read how you can increase hand hygiene compliance in your premises with our help.

Proven effective products for hand hygiene

In health care, high standards are placed on hand hygiene products to ensure their suitability for repeated use and efficacy against pathogens. Compliance with regulations and EN standards verify that products are proven to be effective when used as intended.

When you choose hand hygiene products from Kiilto’s professional brands such as Antibac, Erisan Pro, DAX and Plum, you can be sure of their quality and suitability for health care. Our development of products intended for hand washing, disinfection, and skin care always involves both our customers as well as external experts such as dermatologists to guarantee the products are ideal for frequent use in a professional setting.

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Dispensing solutions that encourage usage

Compliance with hand hygiene practices is directly affected by the accessibility and availability of hand hygiene products. Visibly placed, easily accessed and intuitive dispensers encourage both staff and visitors to clean and disinfect their hands in appropriate situations. In other words, location matters when it comes to proper hand hygiene.

We pay special attention to the ease-of-use and simple maintenance of the dispensers we offer, and help in setting them up in an optimal way. Our range includes both automatic and manual dispensers in a variety of sizes, ensuring you'll  find the ideal option for your premises.

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Education increases understanding

The culture, attitudes, and knowledge associated with hand hygiene can affect how well hand hygiene practices are implemented by staff. The same is true for visitors who may not remember or know how to properly disinfect their hands. Visual guidance is known to significantly increase attitudes towards better hand hygiene practices, especially within visitors who are not health care professionals.

Our experts provide training for your staff to increase understanding of the subject and to find common ways to improve hand hygiene. You will also receive a variety of guide materials on request, such as stickers and posters to guide your visitors in paying attention to hand hygiene.

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Harness health technology to support your work

Health technology offers new digital solutions that streamline current health care practices, utilizing modern ways to prevent hospital acquired infections and improve operations. With an automated hand hygiene compliance monitoring system (HHCM) such as Kiilto Pro Hygimon, you can collect more data about your hand hygiene compliance than ever before. Fast and reliable reports help infection control teams to recognize opportunities of hygiene-improving actions and measure their effect in nearly real-time.

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